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MOUs are important because they are the meat and potatoes of how your money is spent. When you get the budget you see the large categories, but the MOUs are actual spending decisions. An interesting read and you only have 1 week to read it.

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The TPS leader who created the

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...Darlene asked for the legal opinion. Legal minds starting looking at the issue and problems arose. How the board deals with the legal problems could be a legitimate topic for an executive session...

This is speculation on my part, but it would fit with the lack of interest in talking about it.

However, the MOUs themselves are a public record and, regardless of what is discussed in executive session, any decisions on the MOUs must be made in the public portion of the meeting.

I figure that there are two main theories as to why the delayed-wage-increase MOU has been so extraordinarily delayed by the Board of Ed and/or the administration -- whom I refer to below as "the fools".

1. The "Whattaya Mean?" Theory. The fools don't believe they have to pay it. They may believe that, as an off-budget item, the MOU can be renegotiated or simply ignored. They may believe that the MOU carries no legal force whatsoever.

2. The "Shut Up Darlene!" Theory. The fools do believe they have to pay it, but the delay and increased costs serve some hidden purpose. Since each year of delay raises the MOU's cost by about $3M, the delay serves no public purpose. We can speculate all day as to what nefarious plans the fools have in mind for this. The fools could be using the delay to simply enjoy a lack of a teacher strike (as if the TPS has the balls or finances to strike, but I digress). The fools could be using the delay to put budgeted increases off-budget indefinitely. The fools could be using the delay to crash the school system so that their state-level buddies can come in a la Detroit's crash and introduce administrative authoritarianism. The fools could be using the delay to increase the MOU to such size that it can leverage a truly enormous set of levies. Etc.

the public has a right to know what past, present and future financial obligations the school district has both to vendors and to staff.

No levy should be voted on until the finances of the district are out in the open.

It would not surprise anyone if after the teachers' union finally contributed their fair share of the health costs, like all the other districts and companies had for years, that a deal was cut to make that contribution happen.


There have been many Mous there have been since 2001. Photo removed by request.

That is a photo of the binder of MoU's since 2001? Did anyone look at it? The link is above the main story above.

This is crazy. I understand, Maggie - that you are saying the MoU's have to have board attention - or a board vote? The retro-active pay raise, that specific MoU did not come before the board as a vote. And the board wasn't the negotiating party with TFT. An employee of the Superintendent signed.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

WOW!! That many? Is that for real?

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