MLK Project Delayed Again

from wspd: More problems for the Martin Luther King bridge as a crane barge needed for repairs broke away, and is stuck along the frozen Maumee river. Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner admits there's cause for concern about whether the city will meet a mid-March deadline to reopen the bridge to shipping traffic. A group of project engineers will meet later this week to talk over their options, while the city faces a possible daily fine of $20,000 if it misses the deadline.

Carty's first excuse with the ice jamming up on the river which he bemoans was the "worst since 1994..."

Personally, except for the last couple weeks, we've had a pretty candy-assed winter. That being the case, why are they not AHEAD of schedule??

How long have they been working on that thing anyway? They were behind WAY before the ice jammed up. They were behind in January when we were throwing footballs in our shirtsleeves.

With us facing $100K for every 5 days it goes past the Ides of March (one week away), we need to get the hell on the stick. (That's a bike path every month and a half!!!)

Who are the contractors, and what compensation are they liable for if they don't finish on schedule?

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Suffice it to say, we are suing the engineering firm associated with this project.

That's all I can say because it is a matter of litigation.

Brian Schwartz that is the first thing you have said that I cheered.

You go and get them. It's time people stopped abusing the business that the city gives to them. And Pete is right - it is having dire affect on those businesses across the river that Toledo fought to get on the water front.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

We know this. I eat at the Docks at least once a week if I feel like it or not.

Last night we were at Zia's. I was dismayed at how busy they weren't. . .

Right now, we are stuck. We can't move those barges.

KateB, always happy to put a smile on someone's face. . .

these are the issues that the people of Toledo want to talk about. These are real issues, they are having great effect on the business community.

I am very critical - at this time - about side issues in Toledo. There are a few, like this specific topic - where things are badly off track.

I LOVE that the city will hold the party responsible for making sure this did not happen accountable. This is fantastic.

But the business community in Toledo, the city services and the school district are a synergy right now. They're feeding off of each other in a very negative way. And the population and number of businesses in the community is steadily reducing.

Somebody has to decide to be a champion and step up to the plate and start turning things around. I had hoped that was going to be your boss.

But I am willing to say good job when I see him with a foot on the right track - you might be surprised to find out we are watching for GOOD news out here.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

"Cartys Excuse" as if he personally didn't secure the barge well enough. Puh-leese.

Do you think anyone had a vested interest in screwing anybody over here? Project management is not an exact science.

Yes, somebody should be held accountable for the cost overruns--that's what the alluded lawsuit should be about--but acting like it's Cartys fault just really shows your personal vendetta with the Mayor.

This bridge project started WELL into the previous administration. I used to live in Oregon and now i live downtown. This really does suck. But acting like it's somehow Cartys fault is just asinine.

If it came in ahead of schedule he'd be busting his arm patting himself on the back - just as he did when HE kept jeep in the town (as if the employees and a bootload of OUR tax dollars didnt have anything to do with it)

The repairs have been going on for 10 years - he's been mayor for 6 of em...

Please keep my genitalia out of it - Carty says he gets results. Im not seeing it.

We have a difference of opinion - Deal with it.

take care shane.

what the A and B team divide is and what started it.

I have my own suspicions from human experience, but probably very unlikely that this is over someone sleeping with someone else's spouse. Or peeing in their corn flakes. Or poking them in the eye.

But one day I would really like for someone to clearly explain to me what it was that started the Democratic party here in Lucas county to set about devouring itself.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.


I'm just glad I don't have a business on that side of the river. Those business owners are dying. And some want to put the new Sports Arena over there? Crazy.

If you are succesfull in your quest of suing the contractor for delays, I would hope that some part of any awards would be distributed to those East Side business which can demostrate their revenue intake was adversley affected by the bridge being out.
I'm the guy doing my job. You must be the other one

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

What do you honestly expect a mayor to be able to do to effect bridge repair? The city is suing--surely this was green-lighted by Carty. Other than that, he can't divine the work to be done.

In truth you have a massive hard-on for Carty and you leave no opportunity to take the low road in insulting the Mayor.

It's petty and it's nonsense.


It's a euphemism, bro. It's a more subtle way of saying you're a prick.

You expect Carty "John Henry" Finkbeiner to go out there and properly fix a bridge job. It's beyond his control, man. Get over it.

People like you pounce on everything wrong with Toledo and blame it on Carty. Do you think that bridge would be done now if Ford had been reelected?

Half the people here, like you, have a massive hard-on for Carty and will try to twist every single issue into his fault. It's old. It's tiring. A-Team losers who cry a river because their guy was shown the door. Get over it.

If people like you would devote 1/2 the time to fixing civic issues as you do with fantasy "recall carty"-esque campaigns, this city would be a better place to live.

Tell me: What do you want Carty to do about the bridge? Throw on work boots and march his 60-something year old body down and pick up a blow torch?

You people cry and cry about the STUPIDEST of things. The most petty nonsense I've ever heard. He installed a $9,996 shower and you'd think the guy embezzeled money to buy a vacation home.

You're like little gnats that swirl around your head. You're harmless. You're powerless. But you're annoying. You serve no purpose. You create no value. You're arrogant. You dismiss the population of toledo as (I love this) "sheeple" because they happen to disagree with you and decided that Jack Ford didn't leave the city better off than he found it.

I swear to god man, it's old. You're like the idiots who couldn't figure out why the country _LOVED_ Clinton every day he was in office. The ones that couldn't figure out why his approval ratings when UP even when he was being impeached. You're our very own "Vast [A-team] conspiracy"

Your tabloid sensationalism and yellow journalism is sacchrine sweet and it turns my stomach. And I'll remind you of that fact every time you sink to some petty low, blaming the Mayor for your lot in life.

fall of the roman empire. Similaritys are rampant here in town. You have a council that's been under democrat rule forever, but we're far from the golden glass city on the hill, and with no competition to point the finger at, they turn on each other.

The school board - again, all democrat rule, and the schools are the worst in the area - again, no competition to blame, so they turn on each other.

The Blade and the Union - both completely democrat - cant work out their differences so they turn on one another.

This town may have diverstiy according to gender or skin color, but diversity of thought is not allowed - thus without the new idea gene pool, the core becomes inbred and stagnant.

Not very polite Shane Little (Hard-on), it's a euphemism to describe your attitude.

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