Budget tight/cuts/down sizing/lay offs/perfect time to hire!

Carty does it again at a time when it is noted that the budget is in trouble and cuts have to be made and lay off's of managers, the administrative restructuring would eliminate 124 jobs

Toledo hires in-law of mayor's top aide: Post filled despite plan to cut jobs

Carty does it again at a time when it is noted that the budget is in trouble and cuts have to be made and lay off's of managers, the administrative restructuring would eliminate 124 jobs‚ most of them already vacant and so on and yet the Mayor hires,

"The city has hired Shawn Sobel, 47, as a mayor's assistant 3 to rejuvenate the youth sports program, especially baseball."

And a relative of the mayors staff to help with youth sports? Youth sports at a time of budget crisis and cuts to city services and the possibility of a fee to pay for trash pick up.

Seems that the fee could be used to finance programs that city might not need at a time like this.
Some real fine leadership in this move....


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This just sucks on any number of levels - here's one:

It also means that people whose jobs are being eliminated do not have the right to bid into the position, Mr. Garvin acknowledged.

So, he's cutting 124 jobs, and those 124 people cant bid on THIS $42K job? Why not??? Maybe some of the ones being let go have as much or more experience as this guy - he volunteered at his church.

I think a youth sports program would be a good idea. Maybe if there were more programs aimed at our youth there would be fewer of them shooting at cops.

However it is a load of crap that they would hire someone new to fill that post instead of moving someone slated to be layed off into that postion. The fact that the guy is a family member well thats just bull.

This is the home of political incest. Any historian will tell you the names of today's elected and appointed officials can be traced back at least fifty years.


Bill, you're 100% right - Toledo politics is so inbred they could take Carty's advice from a previous term and shoot a movie here (remember that one?)

"Deliverance II, The Toledo Story..."

Seriously tho - are there any historians out there willing to put together a family tree of sorts that'd outline for newcomers kind of a who's who in toledo political relationships?

I thought the same - should not hire relatives. I thought it was good Carty was cutting back so much - clearly cutbacks are needed. However, I have to wonder if those 120 jobs are so easily eliminated, then perhaps they were never needed to begin with, especially as full time positions. I wonder the same about combining the Police Chief & Fire Chief into one position. Chief Bell has an excellent reputation - however, did he earn that reputation because he was able to do the job full time, when it could have been done part time? I just have to wonder how Mike Navarre will be expected to do two full time jobs at the same time. Makes me wonder how demanding the jobs originally were. I also question the logic of having the Chief of Police do double duty as Fire Chief - he's not really qualified or had fire training, has he?

Nepotism: Hiring relatives and cronies. Here in Ohio, (and Toledo is a sparkling example in this practice), nepotism has reached an art form.

So I'd have a hard time pointing the finger at anyone for doing what the public accepts on an ongoing basis.

I question adding an administrative position at all at this juncture in the budget cutting process.

It doesn't reflect well on the Mayor's dedication to trimming the budget if he can have an additional assistant while the cuts have just been laid out for the public.

At some point, someone needs to have a discussion with the Mayor and explain that the public does indeed understand what's going on. It's the internet dangit and it's only going to get worse.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

that our country and city has come to a place where we our 'best' leaders are considered so because of the cuts they make?

Am I wrong to believe that GOOD leaders figure out ways to increase revenues without making cuts?

Any half-drunk inexperienced monkey can walk onto a job and make cuts and say, "Oh look how smart I am...we have more money in the bank."

Where are the GOOD leaders at? Or as Dragline from Cool Hand Luke would ask..."Where are all the high rolla's?

Also...regarding Carty's latest hire...my Grandfather always told me to make a lot of friends because its who you know that gets you places. I used to think he was just a negative guy with a touch of salinity. I guess he was right.

income. Not continuously tapping a dwindling supply of residents and the small remnant of a once thriving manufacturing city.

No - it is not the only way to raise revenue being to raise taxes. You raise the tax BASE. Leave the percentages where they are. Or lower them.

I'm hard pressed to think of a poster on here who isn't in favor of downsizing government. And who isn't anxious to see Toledo become a business friendly city.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

his interviews got him the job; it wasn't his family ties.

after all, look at his qualifications. he's been a manager at foodtown and a volunteer coach at a very small catholic school.

i'd say he's ready to handle toledo's youth programs.


I also say that the family ties are an ongoing issue, let it go. If you want a job done, ask somebody you know can do the job. And sometimes somebody you owe a favor to :-) But it is the way of the world.

I have a HUGE issue with adding this position on the same day the layoffs to balance the budget broke. They need to hire a PR person for our Mayor that can explain these things to him.

Even if this is a 'have to' issue - it shouldn't have been done right this minute. It's like he keeps sticking his finger in my eye.....and the middle one to boot.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Expand the Tax Base! Excellent Comment KateB!

When it comes to Toledo, I believe everything else discussed within the media and the city government is trivial. Its time to start marketing Toledo's Midwest Transportation Hub and Skilled Workforce to U.S. / Global Small & Mid-Cap companies.

I can give a White Castle crap about bike trails, Starbucks drive through, public smoking, a car for an AA group, a Police who is also a Fire chief, and a related youth coach. Business is Business, it's time to go find some to locate in Toledo. Invest in some head hunters or someone who can sell Toledo in a someone else's boardroom.

Otherwise smart size the city down to quarterly budget cut meetings, increase more service taxes (slightly?!), and get used to the whining.

"They need to hire a PR person for our Mayor that can explain these things to him."

What does Brian Schwartz do for the Mayor? Isn't he the Mayor's spokesperson?

One also needs to listen and look around and not be self guided especially when the guide is reflecting on a vision of the 1950's, aka 1950's vision of Westgate Shopping Center, where people park their cars and Stroll Westgate.


but the powers that be in Toledo keep on hiring outside of Toledo in many areas - consultants, superintendants,& now, this upcoming get fit Toledo session will be held NOT in Toledo, but in Sylvania (yes,I read the 'why' of it - but Schultz didnt even know it wasn't in Toledo). Just seems like it's who ya know that gets the job (or who you owe favors to, like katie said). How many out of Toledo hired people, businesses, consultants - have been hired in to do work for Toledo in the last 5 years alone? It's a sad state when they can't find qualified people inside Toledo - and I doubt that's true, but they choose not to hire from within.

You do realize that the only way to increase revenues is to raise taxes? I mean, you can call them fees or electives or fines but they're all taxes.

Honestly, I expected most on this form to support reducing the size of city government.

But I suppose that what trumps everything else on here is "Whatever carty says, the opposite is always the right answer" It's just juvinile but it's how most of you operate. You hate the guy so you scrutinize his every action. Get over it. He could probably win re-election again if he seeks it.

And I love that when he gets elected (or is supported by the people) you simply dismiss the "sheeple" altogether. Please. I'm sure everyone here feels that if this community was the only ones voting, everything in this city would be better. ...And then some here rail against elitism. Please. Look in the mirror.

In all seriousness, though, Carty didn't create this budget problem. He didn't invent it. The city is shrinking. The government must shrink proportionally. This is an appropriate move. It's a combination of (slightly) increased taxes and budget cuts.

The safety director issue is also funny. If Carty had decided to cut mostly rank-and-file, he'd be derided for maintaining the bloat of middle managers. So he cuts evenly, eliminating a couple $100k/yr jobs, and he gets crucified for that, too.

It's just a little old. Carty bashing is a full time sport around here. Get over it or get out there and change it. Bitching on a message board doesn't accomplish anything. (Trust me, I know. I'm doing it right now and i'm certain that they'll still be more insipid Mayor bashing tomorrow)

i was being sarcastic and trying to make show how his qualifications were lacking.

it's hard for me to believe his experience played a role in him being offered this position.

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