Toledo Among Worst Places For Men In 2007...


Men's Health Magazine has named Toledo the 3rd worst city in America for men to live in 2007...

Even Detroit finished ahead of us.

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Anyhoo, from the article we see their categories of evaluation:

"We pinpointed stellar standouts, such as Honolulu (number 2), San Diego (4), and Anchorage (7), by crunching the numbers in 24 categories, including life-and-death data on cancer, heart disease, and stroke. We also looked at lifestyle issues, such as annual income and daily commute, crime rates and college graduation rates. Lastly, we ran a sweat check, looking at how often, how long, and how intensely men exercise."

Unfortunately, that's the meat of the article and it goes downhill from there.

Here are some excerpts from the 5 "top" cities in the article and how they might be able to relate to Toledo:

#4 San Diego: The blurb mentioned extensive exercise and sprinting. Toledo doesn't have the climate that SD has. Winter drives people indoors, where it's difficult to run.

#6 San Francisco: "Replace bread and pasta with beans and lentils." I'm not sure how this applies to SF.

#8 Raleigh: "Advance Your Career". Well, that's certain what Toledo lacks: gainful employment. Constant threats of impoverishment can't be healthy.

#2 Honolulu: '' "Everybody eats a lot of fish here," says Marc T. Goodman, Ph.D., of the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii. Perhaps that's why Honolulu seems tumorproof -- fish consumption is linked to a reduced cancer risk[.] ''

#10 Lincoln: '' "Each daily serving of fruits and vegetables decreases stroke risk by 6 percent, so three servings decreases it by 18 percent," says James Bobenhouse, M.D., stroke-program director at BryanLGH Medical Center, in Lincoln. ''

Aaaaand, here's what they say about #98 Toledo (bonus question: where else does Toledo rate #98?):

'' Healthcare may by Toledo's biggest industry, but it's a case of "Do as we say, not as we do," given the low aggregate health rankings of its citizens. ''

The rest of the stuff about Toledo is effectively just an ad for yuppie restaurants and gyms. After all, the healthiest cooking imaginable is done AT HOME where you select the ingredients and you ensure the quality of preparation.

In short, the article has little substance and is a glorified yuppie ad for expensive restaurants, markets and delis, and gyms.

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