How are the sidewalks?

The Blade reported this today; Snow hinders pedestrians Sidewalk owners ignoring 24-hour clearing rule.

And what the article fails to address and report is this;

"719.08. Location and maintenance of benches; specifications.

(d) No bench shall be maintained in any alley nor at any location where the distance from the face of the curb to the property line is less than ten feet unless the Commissioner of Building Inspection and Code Enforcement in his written approval of the application finds that to maintain a bench at such location is in the public interest. Each such courtesy bench shall be installed parallel to the curb and set back approximately eighteen inches from the face of the curb except as may be otherwise permitted by the Commissioner of Building Inspection and Code Enforcement and each bench shall further conform with the requirements established by such Commissioner with all respect to safety. Benches shall be kept at all times in a neat, clean and usable condition and ice and snow shall be removed from the benches and the vicinity thereof in such manner that each bench shall be accessible at all times."

And there is all its glory is a bus stop buried in snow.

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Curious.. whos responsibility is it to take care of the bus stop benches? The city or Tarta?

... it took me 4 days or so before I got all my walks and sidewalks cleared, and the back bit and side door is still blocked. I'm a bad, bad man. :^)

Fortunately for us, the police etc. are probably more interested in ticketing those absolute bastards who are putting their trash cans out a bit too early. Now THOSE folk are the real criminal element! Go get 'em, Carty! {thpppbbt!}

The funny thing is, the very next day after I cleared the last bit, it was so warm that I noticed the blankets and mounds of snow slumping about 25%. Damn all this frozen dihydrogen oxide!

that the sidewalks in my neighborhood that had mounds of snow on them were the city sidewalks at harvard & the AW Trail, and the walk that actually goes across the trail. It took a few days for them to clean those sidewalks off. I'm glad they went easy on themselves and didn't give themselves a fine. Phew!

My husband made sure that the elderly neighbor & the two women with working husbands around us had clear walks. he was out for 4 hours. I think it's nice to take care of our neighbors & friends.

I was informed by the former director of the Neighborhoods Department that benches are neither owned by the city or Tarta.

They are advertiser owned. So the advertiser would be responsible.

And many fail to meet the requirements of the ordinace for other reasons and yet they just sit there, broken, missing back stops, too far back and some are just not usable and nobody notices.

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