TPS Superintendent Candidates - Who would you choose?

John Foley
53% (29 votes)
William "Bill" Harner
36% (20 votes)
Thomas Maher
11% (6 votes)
Total votes: 55
No votes yet

I think Foley should be chosen - he's local. They complain about brain drain, and yet they seem to think they have to hire from outside of Toledo (or Ohio) for so many things. I find it hard to believe that Toledo doesn't have very qualified people. Just getting old to see employees & consultants hired from out of town for so many things, when they could easily be hired from within Toledo.

If there's nobody in Toledo qualified, and not 'bought off', then this city & TPS is in bigger trouble than I realized. It's just very sad that we have to hire from outside, to do a job that we have plenty of qualififed people here that could do it (and not for sale). Kind of like when Ford hired a consultant from Vegas, a young guy in his 30's - to tell us what was wrong with erie street market. Just sad.

Also sad to me (but off topic a bit) is how this country loves tearing down buildings once they get to be 50 years old. And the end result is a landscape cross country that is ugly, boxes, no character. Not to mention the expense & waste of doing so. We're probably the only country in the world that does that to the degree we do it. Wasteful. I was watching a documentary on Italy on the Travel channel & every city was amazing, beautiful, charming - they all retained the architecture,buildings that are still in use, still beautiful - hundreds of years old.

If Mr. Harner will come in and audit the books - I am quite certain it will lead to a general house cleaning. I vote for him.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Harner did not say he would just audit the books. He implied he would do a complete "operational audit" which includes looking at practices, procedures and results of programs. Many have been recommending this to TPS - I have been suggesting it since 1996. Further, the 1998 CEG study suggested an audit of a number of areas and practices.

Foley would not do this because it would raise a vast number of questions about past practices, he would be viewed as part of the problem and he would have to defend what he was a part of. So, the only way this would ever happen is if the board of education got up the courage (or we vote a couple new members in who are also interested in oversight) to demand an audit or a new person came aboard and pushed for an operational audit.


Failing getting a new Super who isn't part of the status quo.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I could not disagree with you more. Anyone who has paid any attention to what is going on with TPS over the last several years should immediately be looking to someone from the outside to come in and clean house. In Foley's defense he has come into a difficult situation left by our previous superintendent, but nothing he has done over the past year has been impressive. He has simply managed the ship as it has sunk lower and lower. We still face a HUGE shortfall of money next year and beyond, we still have no idea which schools will close (and I can promise you there will be more), and we still have brand new buildings that are being poorly built and built too small. None of these problems have been addressed by Foley during his year in office. The best answer is to hire someone from the outside, someone that doesn't owe anyone in the district any favors, to come in and clean house. Mr. Harner said his first action, if he were to be hired, would be to audit the TPS books, now that is exactly what we need. My vote is for Harner.

in the area but that isn't the question here. We are trying to decide between the three candidates left, and of the three I don't think Foley is the best one to pick. Look at the current state of TPS. That alone should convince you that we need new blood. Foley has been in the system for 30 years. Obviously he has made friendships, and done a little back-scratching to get where he is. I am not suggesting there is anything illegal or immoral going on, all I am saying is of the three remaining candidates, Foley would finish third in my book.

It's not a waste to the construction mafia that benefits from it. Of course, the voters in Toledo had the opportunity to tell that mafia to 'screw off', yet they INSTEAD -- in their drooling madness -- voted for a long levy to support some bonds that will be added to some unreliable (but huge) amount of Tobacco Settlement money to produce a construction program for tearing down and rebuilding the TPS facilities. We authorized it. Once again, we're under the thumb of elites by our own permission.

Across the nation, the Housing Bubble is just a scam to "churn housing" as you noted, in order to make the banks even richer. You'd weep if you knew about all the historical and neighborhood housing that has fallen under the wrecking ball in the most bubbly areas (NYC, LA/SoCal, Florida, Texas, Boston) just to make higher box-buildings which largely hold jaw-droppingly expensive condos. When I went to live in Massachsetts in early 1990 when their housing bubble was collapsing, I saw what that kind of thing produced; it must be far worse now.

Stay tuned for the aftereffects to visit Toledo. There is no housing shortage in Toledo that explains the big run-up in home prices. However, as homes are left behind in Toledo during the bubble-tradeup process, destructive politicians like Carty will bring out the bulldozers with increasing frequency, and the damned thing about it all will be (ONCE AGAIN) our collusion in the entire process, as middle-class wankers cheer on the bulldozing of inner city and 'burbs just to make their nearby homes both more in demand and less surrounded by 'decaying' properties. WE are going to authorize it all ... because at our society's core, we're just stupid, hateful and afraid.