Positive negativity

WSPD's Brian Wilson has an OpEd piece in the Toledo Free Press called Positive Negitivity.

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... constantly defend your attempts at criticism and advocating open government, then you know your cause is lost and the future is only going to be a big bag of pain for everyone. I don't like Wilson, but I give all meritorious awards to him for keeping alive the dream of controlling the Toledo government.

Eventually, Wilson will move on to a real radio market and find a greater cultural prosperity. The question is, can he do that before Cartyzation transforms him into a broken stick of a man?

My initial reaction to Brian Wilson was that he was rude, arrogant, smug. In all honesty, I have to admit I'd only caught small snippets of his show, and judged him on that. I'd even exchanged an ugly email back & forth with him. While I haven't been able to catch his entire shows, I have (since then), listened to them longer & more often - and realized that I judged him a bit prematurely, and unfairly. While his personality may be brash at times, I've come to believe he's a very smart guy - one I tend to agree with, more often than not. I think he's dead on about many things about Toledo, govt., bans, etc. Probably more so than most Toledoans. I also browsed his resume, and he's very educated. I for one, have learned to be careful about making snap judgements about people.

In the case of Toledo vs WSPD Brian Wilson was clearly right. I wouldn't put too much stock into it as even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Actually I can't say that. I don't know if he's wrong or right most times because his show isn't interesting enough for me to listen.

That's where the administration was dumb. They should have let him go on and ignored him. A man on the radio talking only to himself influences only himself.



The real answer to the question on why Brian Wilson or anyone radio or blog for that matter is so negative is one that most avoid. Yet it's very simple.

Negativity drives traffic...

Look at a thread where attacks are being made versus one where thoughtful discussion of key issues is taking place. Like being drawn to slowing down to watch a car wreck, we as consumers are drawn to negativity and by our own support of this we create the situation where we reward negativity more with our attention.

We don't remember days only moments...

Those who criticize people who work for change and have the courage to speak out are trying to silence you. Trying to keep either the status quo the same or hide their own cowardice.

The hell with 'em.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

That's different than offering constructive criticism or even unconstructive criticism. It's an attempt to report what is only wrong never admitting any involvement or responsibility in an equal fashion with the pure purpose of driving traffic to a radio, news, or blog.

It doesn't have to be true, it doesnt have to be accurate, all it has to do is be controversial. Then later if they are wrong? A small clarification on a back page somewhere. It's the National Enquirer type of behavior that I am referring to. For some the lure is too much to resist.

We don't remember days only moments...

This is how I learned that lesson, I'll be brief and just give the basics...it was being stated that a soldier was arrested because of his blog. Calls to action were made for everyone to blog about it a "blog swarm" as it's called. Yet I waited because I wanted more details. Gnashing of the teeth everywhere on the blogosphere because how dare THEY arrest a blogger!

He wasn't arrested, he was only questioned and very few bothered to go back and update with correct information. I learned that day that wasn't how I was going to earn traffic...I'd rather be last and be accurate than be first and be wrong and if something does change? I try to update so people aren't left with the wrong impression.

We don't remember days only moments...

in the name of full disclosure, i happen to like brian wilson and find myself fairly aligned with him politically.

nonetheless, brian wilson and wspd are the only ones that put carty and company under the microscope. does the blade? does channel 13? they're too busy with their restaurant report cards.

like him or not, people of this city should acknowledge and appreciate his willingness to call out the city leaders.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding - but I don't see Wilson as negative at all; or critical, or trying to silence people. And he doesn't just talk to himself - he talks to callers who call in. Of course when he doesn't have callers, he talks - but isn't that his job? I think how he's being attacked for here, is exactly the point he was trying to make.

And for that matter, most news talk shows, is that the criticism isn't then followed by constructive solutions. I tried to listen to WSPD in the morning after Bob Frantz left, but I was so irritated by the snide comments made by Fred and the unproductive and enlightening discussion on every topic that came up that I decided to just listen to my iPod instead.

Any fool can run his mouth about how we need to "throw the bums out" or how "something needs to be done". So we follow their advice and throw the bums out. We did that last election, and guess what? We got a new load of bums. Back to step one. Same thing with "doing something". Doing something often times means throwing government money into unprofitable ventures that are copied nearly exactly from other cities without taking into account the differences between the markets. For example, I'm absolutely sure that at one point in the early 80s someone in power said "We need to do something to draw shoppers downtown again." A few years later, we had the Portside Festival Marketplace. A few years after that, we had an empty building. Portside is a lesson that sometimes nothing should be done.

I don't pretend to know the answers to Toledo's problems, but I know that the criticism dished out by Fred isn't helping. As Wilson said in this editorial, "You can't cure any problem without an accurate diagnosis." What he doesn't realize is that we already understand what the problems are, we now need ideas to rectify the problems. Pure negativity taken without the base alloy of a solution is meaningless and often times counterproductive.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

No, I have not lost my marbles. Let me explain. I am not an expert on the history of the peace movement, in the U.S. or globally, but I think most of us would agree that the peace movement has gained more popularity and become better organized since George Bush entered office. In fact, I would not be surprised that Mr. Bush has done more to motivate and organize the world peace movement than anyone else in recent history.

This past week I learned of an effort to launch a website of a coalition of some thirty odd peace organizations in Ohio. I don

I've complained about this for years.

It's just too bad that Brian used this avenue to justify himself after screwing WSPD up. The absolute shame is this was a ripe apple hanging from the tree and every other friggen media outlet avoided it like Eve was supposed to, but Brian saw this apple as his "redemption" for screwing up WSPD's Arbitron ratings.

Ray Kest is still pissed he can't make a sound when he farts after The Blade probed and investigated him at the urgings of Skippy's peers so Skip would be guaranteed a win in the Treasurer's office as well as Ray not running against Jack in 2005. Nothing but politics.

Bob McCloskey ran amok in the community and everyone knew he was dirty, including several city councilpeople and a certain treasurer mentioned above, yet it took an indictment for this story to see the light of day. Nothing but politics.

What cracks me up is the Blade didn't report McCloskey but ate Kest out on a rumor.

Truly pathetic that the judicial system does the media's job.

There ain't one media outlet that has the balls to lift the plywood and poke the ground with a stick for the good of the community.

Did it ever occur to you that we SHOULD pay more attention to criticism and conflicts?

Did you ever notice that left aside from public attention, things in Toledo go completely awry?

The best way to model Toledo politicians and businessmen is "silent thieves in the dark". Is that negative? No, it's realistic. When facing silent thieves in the dark, the rational person resorts to spotlights and shotguns. We already know a viable democracy requires "eternal vigilance" -- so why is it that those who are vigilant in Toledo are so demonized?

You're right Lisa there is a difference but the administration could have diminished WSPD's influence by just ignoring their behavior. Instead they chose to get into a war of words with them. Which a radio station will win every time.

The administration should have acted more stately and dismissed the criticism as that of a few radio DJ's. Basically the same stance the took with Denny. However by directly engaging Fred and Brian they gave those two the upper hand. Fred and Brian get their ratings and they're the winners regardless if change is begotten or not.



I'm sorry if it appears I think that the Mayor and his office are not at fault as well. They could have avoided all of this as well.

We don't remember days only moments...

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