Anyone haing problems with Buckeye Express today?

I don't know if this is weather-related, but my Buckeye-Express Internet connection has been lousy all day. It will work for about two minutes, then PHHHHT. Down for 20 minutes.

Then you call, wait on hold for an eternity, only to have a rep tell you that they are "working on it," and that it is system-wide in nature.

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Yep. I am educated, all right.

My connection is Ok (knock wood). Main Lady had trouble with the Buckeye mail server a few days ago. Naturally, no one at tech support knew what was going on or could find anything wrong.

Mad Jack
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so far the only issues I've had have been with the email server over the past 3 days. On and off error messages and "System Administrator: Some or all of the recipients were unable to receive mail." Then something about "54 Ready" at the end. I called Bex and they told me that it was a Trend Micro/PCcillin problem. I called Trend and waited on hold for an hour only to be told that it was not their service causing the problem. I called Bex back and they assured me it WAS a Trend problem....on and on and on....and miraculously the problem is gone! Poof!

I think some of the problems may be coming from the new 'speed rollout' that's supposed to happen on Mar. 1. Everybody gets a speed upgrade according to the Bex newsletter.

Yup - weather related. And bless those Buckeye employees who are NOT saying wait till tomorrow, but are zipping up the carharts and getting out in this crap so we can have our service.

It's been weird for me. I went about 45 minutes with a great connection, then Ka-Blooey: dead from 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm.

Mines been acting up all day with the tv just blanking out. Even had a phone call disconneted but thankfully its never lasted more then a minute or two. I didn't even bother to call because I figured it was the storm messing with it.

Fox Toledo 36 in order to watch House tonight...just got a red screen...the only channel with any I have to settle for Saturn's moon and rings...

either. Frantic!!

purnhrt, that we've got our priorities right.


Not worried about snow or roads or closings...just our tv shows tonight!

I suppose, when you're shut in, that such things take on more

chris added a chat..come join us and try it out...he's working out kinks...

Did you try the Michigan FOX affiliate?
I guess downtown had a bit of a blackout which took 36 off the air.

get the channel to come in well enough to watch...

So I played around with the new chat portion of SB...helped out Chris with identifying some of the!

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