I live in the back part of a sub-division which is near a main commerical road. The back lot of one of the businesses has four trailers with people living in them which come right up to our back yard fences. The people living there collect large appliances and old cars and strip them.

The city of Toledo couldn't do anything because they're trailers and not homes. The Health Department has told them to clean up but that only lasts a day or two.

Does anyone know who to go to to help resolve this situation. I don't think its legal for four trailers to park in a businesses parking lot and call it home...let alone use the lot as a "scrap yard" bring down the value of homes around it...but apparently the city is not concerned. Whats to stop me from buying a trailer and parking it in Target's parking lot and calling it home?...its the same thing.

Any suggestions on who to contact or what other avenues to pursue?

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...call Channel 11. If you have tried the appropriate channels and gotten no results then it wouldn't hurt to call the media and let them hunt it down.

Without knowing just which subdivision you are referring to it's like making a blind recommendation, but it's worth a shot.

If you'd like to email me I will try to give you a hand with this. You can reach me at invest4toledo@bex.net

Can you take some photos and post them for us to see?

i had a friend with a situation similar to this. he tried working with the city, but to no avail. if memory serves me correctly, the guy got the most help from the state epa.

i would ask the guy for more info, but we don't keep in touch any longer. wish i could be more helpful.

I took more video than pics. I have video of them "accepting deliveries". I do have some pics I'll see if I can figure out how to post.

I just moved into the neighborhood which is mostly elderly. Talking with them...I have found out they have been dealing with this ever since the trailers set up shop about eight years ago. Now...they're kind of looking to me as the young guy who has the energy to get something done.

The lot is Malibu's bar on Alexis. The back of the business lots on Alexis are about 200 feet from our yards...but...for some reason the Malibu lot goes all the way back and that is where the trailers are...literally 5 feet from the privacy fence of my neighbor

The city told me anything that is three or more trailers is considered a trailer park. I argued that it was not designated as a park...but is a privately owned business parking lot with trailers on it. I wouldn't even care if they just kept it up.

The guy living there builds pallets and goes out at 2 and 3 in the morning hammering on them. Just the other day I counted 8 refigerators, a couple washers...and five cars. I have to believe they are illegally zoned.

I will try channel eleven. Thanks carols.

...if you've not already, try calling the zoning inspectors in the city. The zoning codes usually prevent residences in commercial zones.

Repeated calls to the Health Dept. are often necessary.

But the Neighborhood inspectors who are so quick to ticket people who put their garbage out early or cite elderly people who don't have their wood piles high enough off the ground should have enough time to respond to your complaint...

I sent you an email so you can send me as well as the Director of the Department of Neighborhoods the address of the offending property so we can send an inspector out.

Maggie, your repeated potshots are unbecoming of someone who used to be held in high esteem. I thought you were above that.

However, I have noticed that you never seem to be able to see Maggie Thurbers' name without taking a pot shot at her.

Methinks, like the third grader pronouncing his affection on the playground with a punch to the object of his affections' mid-section - you may be a tad bit sweet on her?

Just a thought.....:-)

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I have responded to your email that you sent. I hope that the info in that was helpful. Thanks.

Maggie and I go back a few years. I genuinely like her.

However, she took at shot at the city's neighborhood department that was nearly as uninformed as WSPD's. I didn't want that to go unchallenged.

"she took at shot at the city's neighborhood department that was nearly as uninformed as WSPD's"

And what did WSPD say about the subject that was uninformed?

Care to come right out and list some "outright lies" yet?

Mr. Schwartz made the comment which included this; 'are unbecoming of someone who used to be held in high esteem' - this must be a joke?

Surely he doesn't believe he is in a position to be commenting on what esteem someone is held in?

Seriously? I mean wouldn't that be a little like one of the Keystone Cops opening a story with, 'On the topic of quality law enforcement...'

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Blast my employer for not allowing me to access the internet during my workday!!! I've gone eight hours without reading this site and look at what has transpired.... Looks like if I worked for the City government I wouldn't have such problems.

So the neighborhood department comes out to my house and sites me for "unsafe" sidewalks (based on invisible standards I guess) but yet any Tom, Richard, or Harry can set up home and call it a trailer park? Are you joking????

Maggie and Brian...

Hopefully I didn't start a conflict here by looking for suggestions to the problem in my neighborhood.

Brian...I did contact the neighborhood complaint department and someone was sent out. The department told me there wasn't much they could do because the Health Department has to deal with situations where trailers are involved. I didn't get your email...my address is kooz@dublin.com thanks.

The Health Department has been out there and the people cleaned up for a day or two...now its back to looking like a dump or scrap yard. The Health Department is going back this week as a follow up...but, my neighbors have went through the Health Department in years past to resolve the problem without much luck...hence...I'm not holding out much hope.

I will try the zoning commission as well...but was having a little trouble finding the exact person I need to talk to about this.

I really appreciate everyones suggestions.

When I say I the Neighborhood complaint department sent someone out...it was about a month ago...before Brian's offer to help.

I didn't want to give the impression I got no help AFTER his offer..

Just making sure no side arguments flare up...


I think that Maggie is not wrong is trying to highlight the sometimes frustrating times when government seems to only stick it to the citizens when the City itself lacks in filling potholes or even cutting the grass in City lots in a timely manner. Kooz has got what appears to be a problem and was getting the "red tape run around" and forums and blogs like this is a good way to highlight when the service you get is not what you expect.

I commend Brian Schwartz for visiting online sites and responding to issues like this in an official manner. While his diplomancy may be below par sometimes, he is ahead the curve in realizing this is as important as a phone call. I recommended another governmental orgainization I have a particular interest in to do the same, because it is very powerful that your voice is being heard no matter what the medium. Elected officials and representatives should be encouraged to survey online sites for issues (and respond if need be) because they are no different than if I call or meet personally. Regardless if you agree or disagree with what Mr. Schwartz says, he is reading.

I just received a phone call from the secretary in Kattie Bond's office (Interim Dir. of Neighborhoods) and we had a very productive and positive conversation regarding this problem. We have tracked down the property address, the string of owners and an aerial view of the property. We both agreed that there is definitely a problem here.

Judy assured me that she is walking the information downstairs to the Chief Building Inspector for his attention and she is going to call me back with an update as soon as possible. I will post the update when received.

I truly appreciate Kattie's office for her rapid response. She's a good person and a true asset to Department of Neighborhoods.

Stay tuned for updates!

So I've not had time to get back here.

I do respond to comments on blogs during my working hours. It's how some people communicate. I try to communicate through as many means as possible.

Kooz, I'm glad Kattie talked to you. Between Neighborhoods and Health, I hope you get results.

I would never call Maggie a name other than Maggie. I used to call her "Madam Clerk" until she demanded that I call her Maggie. It's not personal and Maggie has been in politics long enough to know that.

WSPD is beyond my scope of comprehension, so I won't go there now.

I haven't been online for a few days. But, just saw the comments from Carols regarding Kattie Bonds office and the effort to look into 2045 W. Alexis....Thanks a million and also thanks to Brian Schwartz and Maggie Thurber...and everyone who had suggestions...

Just a note...Malibu's Bar is no problem...its just the trailers in the back of their lot. The last trailer in particular (last trailer in the lot).

I can be contacted at kooz@dublin.com if need be.

with all due respect, don't you have better things to do with your time? are you responding on this board during the tax-funded work hours?

i would like to hope you had better things to do during the work day than exchange jabs on these boards.

Seems like I encouraged the individual to try the zoning department...no 'pot shot' there.

As for the issue of garbage cans and wood piles, I believe the statement was warranted and not a 'pot shot.'

Inspectors seem to have found time to do these things - so they should have time to respond to this complaint.

Sorry that the statement seems to hit home.

And, to be quite honest Brian, YOU'RE the one taking pot shots. Since I took exception to the mayor's incorrect decision (based upon a court ruling) to bar individuals from his press conference, you've singled out my comments on several public sites and issued personal attacks in your responses.

My interpretation of these actions is that my statements must hit home.

So - instead of worrying about what I'm saying or doing or posting and making personal criticisms, focus more on getting our local city government to be more responsive to the people they work for. Then NO ONE will have any reason to make such comments or statements.

'Brian Schwartz' said: "Don't want Sam to kick my butt[.]"

Don't worry about Sam Thurber. Like Kateb, Mags can handle herself.

'Brian Schwartz' said: "I didn't want that to go unchallenged."

But you didn't challenge it. You offered no response except the adult equivalent of "nyah nyah nope nada neener neener".

'Brian Schwartz' said: "[Maggie] took [a] shot at the city's neighborhood department that was nearly as uninformed as WSPD's."

Billy is exactly right; what things did WSPD and Mags say about the neighborhood dept. that are incorrect?

In fact, how many different types of contacts are necessary to get the dept. doing what it's supposed to be doing? Is contacting them in the usual way useless? Should we Toledoans have to contact YOU personally, each time, in order to make sure our complaint is given due process? If so, what does THAT say about Toledo government?

Look, I don't know if you're actually the Brian Schwartz who is Carty's running dog. But, if you are, your little bullshit PR games (which have kept Toledoans in continued somnolence) are just not going to work here. When you lie, we'll catch you in it. When you divert attention, we'll bring it right back. Propaganda doesn't work here, Mr Schwartz. We here don't trend such, so that it's like you're talking to Blade reporters -- who are almost entirely beholden to monied and social interests in Toledo and are constantly unable to report facts and figures truthfully (without being soundly trounced in the editor's office, countermanded, and eventually either fired or brought into line with the establishment through fear and economic intimidation).

You're obviously not used to being mentally or authoritatively challenged. When your biases are actually challenged, you can just lock or slam the door on the nosy reporter who dared be so bold. Alas for you, on Swamp Bubbles, it's different. You would do well to recognize that you're amidst a bunch of Millikens here and the environment is much more neurally stressful than dealing with the Great Unwashed (i.e. the people who accept what they're told even in situations where the tales are profoundly flawed in logic and facts).

How about he take a look http://www.aeonity.com/neighbor
for the lastest dumping zone on Lagrange Street, this time.

Hello...city leaders driving around the streets...anyone paying attention?????

The song and dance between offices about simple complaints is what motivated me to start recording the run arounds on the web.

I have to admit the city is getting better about issues but at other times, it is nag, nag, nag to get simeple things resolved


What's the address? I can't find the Malibu bar anywhere. Can you post the cross street or something?


Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Look, there's meaningful dialog between constituents and government that does not involve name-calling, threats or civil suites and you want to criticize the use of tax dollars.

This exchange is one of the very best uses of tax dollars that I've ever seen from the local government, and I'm old. I

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I added it to the RSS feeds.

Jack, that address is 2045 W Alexis. And it's not listed to that business. It's listed to three different people.

apparently, we have a different opinion as to what is "meaningful dialog". i personally don't find his posts "meaningful" or substantive.

I sent you an email so you can send me as well as the Director of the Department of Neighborhoods the address of the offending property so we can send an inspector out.

The man responds to a complaint and offers to send an inspector out. That post has both meaning and substance.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

if he offered the help and stayed away from other exchanges, i would be fine with that. as you can see, though, he doesn't do that. look at his other comments (and lack thereof). he didn't offer any substance as to why the city would interfere and tamper with gatorz. that's because there wasn't any substance. it was a load of crud and he would have been called on it. he then uses the other thread to take shots at wspd. of course, he can't stay away from starting an exchange with maggie.

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