Putin Says U.S. Is Undermining Global Stability

MUNICH, Feb. 10

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The Bush administration has done more damage to US credibility than anyone else.

How many people has the Soviet Union or Russia aided, invested, or liberated the last century with a positive outcome?

Putin's message is Pure Barbara Streisand! He knows it! He's just pissed that a statue of Reagan is going up in a former East Bloc country.

Western Europe, Japan, Central America, Eastern Europe...How many millions can have free dreams to pursue, thanks to our brave?

Forget WMDs, Media, and Spin. Both Afghan and Iraq have more hope being eventually self-governed than under Taliban and Saddam's iron-rules. Freedom ain't Free, doesn't occur in a 24/7 news cycle, and has been paying over 200 years of our Dividends.

I'm glad Clinton got rid of Milosevic and Bush got rid of Saddam. Both did good for advancing the global role of women in society.

USA Rocks, World Knows it, and the Media sells against it! It is, what it is. Life goes on!

We are the bad guys of the world. As said by a man who has had political rivals poisoned.



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