Egregious Governmental Abuse in Sylvania, Part 2

As usual, I

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I know it's not easy to take notes, pay attention and then take the time to type out a full report...

And don't thank me for any of those monies - those are only your tax dollars coming back to you under state law...the county was just the pass-through.

As for the substance, I read the exec. summary but not the whole report. I do understand why many of the items were estimated. With no income taxes in the townships, there aren't any reporting requirements when it comes to number of employees so - absent an actual audit of payrolls of employers within the township - the best that could be done AT THIS TIME was an estimate.

IMHO, there are good aspects and bad aspects of this potential merger. But I really don't think that any of the elected officials are in a rush to do anything. The ones I've talked have basically said..."we've talked about this for so long - let's do the study, do the preliminary work, present it to the people and come to a decision - and then move on."

I hope that people become involved in the process, ask good questions, insist on accurate answers, then decide accordingly.

But thanks again for sharing your report with us!!!

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