Arena, In Our Lifetime?

This is a repost from ToledoTalk. I just read it and it's worth reading. The web master at that site is not allowing any comments on it.???

February 2, 2007

Arena, In Our Lifetime? - It looks as if the Arena project is slowly and finally reaching a critical mass. Who knows, a decision might even be reached in our lifetimes. I was reminded of this again when I reread a Toledo Blade article entitled, Kest now teaching ethics of business.

Kest came up with the original concept of how to pay for the Mudhen

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so little time...

First, TT's owner has decided that he doesn't want to host political discussions and that's why this site was formed. It's also why this topic on TT isn't accepting comments.

As for the many statements...I don't know where to begin to correct the let me one of the 'commissioners' referred to in part of the post, Ray's plan for funding an arena was good, but was also, some believed, overly optimistic on the number of events and the revenue from such events.

That's not to say that clarifications and further study wouldn't have produced a realistic plan...and his funding plan was more comprehensive that the one being used by the current commissioners.

As for the other points about his travel, training and DTAC - only have part of the information and, while detailed information can be provided to support my statement, I'd rather just let it go. Ray's moved to Florida and is, as I understand, enjoying the warm weather. Why beat a dead issue? Besides, your defense of his actions, IMHO, detract from your point about his arena financing plan.

We'll probably see an arena long before we see any positive changes out at Southwyck.

Poor Ray soaking up the sun. As a horse trader I

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