Drinkers turn in the barrel coming......

MMMMM........ain't nothing quite like the aroma of oppression ...enjoy the socialist state.


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This is the typical reaction of the nanny state. One isolated incident becomes the foundation for new restrictions on the rest of the world "for their own good".

Invariably, new legislation fails to recognize much less address the real problem and goes a long way to obfuscate major societal maladies that could be rectified, generally at the expense of the government (as an entity).

Mad Jack
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This particular incident doesn't really seem to apply to that idea though since he didn't do all his drinking on the flight.
As for the idea in general, it's not like there have never been problems with people getting drunk in the air and causing trouble.
Never really made much sense to me why they had to serve alchohol on flights anyways. If you can't wait until you get where you're going to have a drink then you've got bigger problems you should be dealing with.

Look at the logic here. IF you can ban an airline from selling alcohol BECAUSE it's reasonable to assume the person will drive a vehicle after parting company with the airline - where will THIS one stop? Never will.

People who buy liquor at a bar have access to a vehicle. People who buy liquor at a restaurant have access to a vehicle. People WHO DRINK IN THEIR HOMES have access to a vehicle.

Prohibition here we come...right back where we started from....

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

I really don't know why they're talking about banning them on airline flights. I've been on several flights, and seen plenty of people drink. Generally they only get one drink. And if they want more the flight attendants will only allow a couple because no one wants a drunk on a plane. In fact, if you're drunk before boarding and the staff realizes it, they won't allow you to board.

Agreed about nature of the isolated incident. The problem was not the two drinks the man consumed on the flight, but the 12-15 he consumed before or after the flight to get to 0.32 percent BAC.

Sounds like someone wanted to include the deep pockets of an airline in a wrongful-death lawsuit.

Not only is an alcoholic beverage perfectly legal, but an airline can make money selling it, and people have been known to buy such beverages for their enjoyment.

Liberty is built upon tolerance. The occasional obnoxious drunk is well worth it as the price we pay for being free to knock back alcoholic beverages.

If prohibition is coming back, then I'm gonna start using this Italian heritage to my advantage.

...ahh, who am I kidding? I only saw Goodfellas for the first time last week. I'd be a terrible gangster.

... a "smokeasy"? At the current rate, those will be needed in Ohio soon.

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