Stockholm in the rearview mirror

Interesting column from Mr. Miller at the Toledo Free Press:

It's not accurate or fair to use the geographical terms

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Wrong link, but I found the editorial regardless. Mr. Miller's claim that Toledoans suffer from Stockholm syndrome is very interesting, and very thought provoking. Although his editorial is certainly a back-handed slam at the Blade, and particularly the Block family (which I don't disagree with), he makes some excellent points. Indeed, I think he's probably right. Toledo is actually a great place to live. Sure we have some problems (primarily economic, and it could be a lot worse), but that can change if Toledoans work hard to make their city better. The first step to this is having a positive attitude for the city. As manufacturing continues to suffer, it is up to toledoans, not the government, to improve the current conditions. The government can only do so much. It's a very interesting editorial, I urge you all to check it out (but the link needs to be fixed).

Also, everyone I know who knows the Blocks say are a little bit off (well, more than a little bit).

GZ, what capital has fled exactly? Indeed, when I say Toledo has been fortunate, it has been certainly fortunate in the manufacturing capital aspect. I base my assumptions on the fact that this capital will leave in the future.

Unlike Flint and Detroit, the auto industry is giving Toledo time to decide its future. Unfortunately, most of Toledo refuses to see this as an opportunity to succeed. Now is our opportunity, we should take advantage. If we fail, it is our own faults, and that includes the suburbs.

I'm not sure exactly to what you are referring GZ, but I feel it is my goal in life to make Toledo one of the greatest cities in the history of civilization. We have so many resources that we do not take advantage of, and we have a potential economy beyond the scope of even the greatest politicians in the world. You have no idea what we have to offer the world-at-large.


GZ I've stated my case as to why I think WiFi will help the city in other threads. But just for a quick summary here are the key points.

1. It promotes literacy.
2. It best benefits those at or near the poverty line.
3. It helps small businesses.
4. It's an investment in our future.

As for your assessment that skill, gumption and desire only take you so far in the absence of capital I'd respectfully disagree. This country has been made on people who had no money but desire and an idea and built corporate empires from them. Names like Ford, Jobs, and Cuban all built corporate empires despite starting from the farming and working class.

In the weight of everything money can be wasted like anything else. But one can only attain so much desire and intuition. Having the upper hand with that creates opportunites.



How quickly we forget that political truth.

Junta, don't dismiss Toledo's great problem as "some" and "could be a lot worse". Toledo is steadily collapsing into a great economic bog. Positive attitude doesn't pay your rent and I've never known a natural-gas company to accept it as legitimate currency for paying your bill. Those in the yuppie crowd love to pretend that Toledo doesn't have a vast chasm yawning under the working class, but the working class feels it every day, and THAT produces the attitude. I believe it's called "fear of falling" (... into economic ruin and into homelessness). It's real, and outside the wealth and influence crowd, it governs much of Toledoan behavior.

No amount of labor is going to solve one of the most basic problems of Toledo: that the capital has largely fled, and what remains is either planning to flee, or it is settling in for a particularly vicious rape of the working class. If anything, it's a certain LACK of labor that Toledo needs, in that we need to stop working to arrange welfare for the rich, and we need to stop working to steal even more money from the average paycheck. If anything, it's a certain ACCEPTANCE attitude that Toledo needs, in that we need to accept that too much capital has fled and we need to live much more modestly to weather an era of enforced scarcity.

Toledo's continuing economic collapse is the whole truth here, and the longer it is ignored and belittled, the harder the fall will be.

Good Point Junta. I'm glad to see someone else feels that the success or decline of Toledo falls upon the shoulders of the citizens.

You make references to the auto industry. I do not want to diminish it's importance but Toledo needs to accept the auto industry and also look beyond it. The auto industry is very volital. To base our economy solely on that opens our economy to as much volitability.

The "new" american economy is being based off technology. Areas that embraced this were less susceptable to the market decline of '01/'02. Toledo should embrace it. The foundations are already being laid for it. UT moving to a more Science and Research base, Toledo going WiFi all add to the new technology economy. Plus it gives solid base to Toledo's future.

I'm glad TFP has made it's recent moves. Competition in the area media market will only serve to give the local citizens better coverage. I just hope they don't fall to the Blade's heavy handed tactics they've used in the past with the likes of the Toledo Times.

The TFP is as much of a media test project as many of the above listed venture. If it succeeds it works only to Toledoans benefit.



Junta, when a factory closes, the owner doesn't just set keep working capital in the factory sitting there to rust. The capital moves. When people move out of Toledo, the same thing happens. Capital is fleeing. (I'm primarily talking about material capital -- you know, "stuff that you can use to make more stuff", but there's a lot of monetary and intellectual capital taking flight, too.)

Since capital is fleeing and too much of it has already fled, then it remains economically true that Toledoan options are limited. Skill, desire and gumption only take you so far; you need capital to really perform useful work and to expand operations.

As for a WiFi network over Toledo ... yeah, that's going to be soooooo handy -- for looking for work, month after month. Toledo is too poor and is sinking still, and needs to make a CONTRACTING investment in the future of enforced scarcity ... not an EXPANDING investment as our politicians and yuppies loooooove. With the flight of a critical capital base, WiFi is just icing on a particularly stale cake and the entire dessert is ruined at any rate. (Of course, you're perfectly free to form a WiFi network over Toledo if you want; no one should stand in the way of your desire to spend $10 million of your own money on such a venture. I never said I was against such a network; I've only and endlessly questioned its utility in our environment of inevitably continuing economic collapse.)

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