Karloffornia Strikes Again-Nanny State Marches On

Doesn't look like it's ever going to end, does it??


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Why fool around? Why not just close all the dry cleaning businesses today? After that, the next step is to make private property illegal. Just think, everyone will own everything! Truly the good life has arrived.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

We as Americans are pumping so much crap into the air it's mind boggling. Are we not expected to do better for ourselves? For our children?
Pumping toxic chemicals into the air/water isn't a good thing, changes need to happen. If the industries responsible won't take it upon themselves to make changes on their own what are we to do?
I don't want to see Mom & Pop go out of business but that doesn't mean I'm willing to ignore the toxic chemicals Mom and Pop are using either.
If they won't clean it up on their own then maybe the government does infact need to step in and force the issue.

These actions have far reaching results. http://www7.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0610/feature2/index.html is a good read on how pollution created in places like Ohio has had a negative effect in national parks as far away as Texas.

That's exactly the kind of comment I would expect from some. You start to question de-regulation, and you get branded a socialist, communist, etc. When in actually, I strongly believe capitalism is the best economic system. However, that's all it is, an economic system, not a form of government. Totally unregulated capitalism creates monopolies, an elite class and a worker class, with a non-existent middle class. Our country already tried that--it wa s called The Gilded Age. How'd that work out?

Pink Slip

My apologies...I wasn't trying to say that deregulation caused the Gilded Age. However, after re-reading it I see it could be interpreted that way. What I was trying to do, was make a connection with some of the end results of the first Gilded Age (mega-corporations, robber barons, an elite class and a worker class, with a disappearing middle class) with what we are increasingly seeing today.

Pink Slip

if someone is so concerned about the chemicals the ma and pa cleaners are using, stop going there. use a dry cleaner that doesn't use perchloroethylene (aka perc).

why wait and hope the govt takes action? the consumer can do it today. if it was truly a concern, consumers would already be demanding it.

instead, we, the people, continue to depend on our govt to be the solution. wrong approach.

i'm sorry; i was out of line. anyhow, do you consider yourself to be a "populist"? "progressive"? do you enjoy lou dobbs?

also, wasn't the gilded age a result of massive corruption within local and state govts? were the resulting mononpolies a product of govt-gone-bad? i had read the monopolies were more of a sympton of the period and ineffective and fraudulent govt was the principle cause. i don't know about it, though; i was educated in the public schools. any thoughts, pink?

Then, wholesaler, what is the purpose of a government altogether? Why hope the government will take action on Iran or against Osama, why can't the government pull its troops out -- save some money -- and let private enterprise go after them? What is the purpose of a government if the governments' only mandate is to protect and serve its' people? I hear this all the time. Let the consumer, private groups, private this and that do it. I understand it to a point. Drop the police force and the fire department and we've saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars -- let a private business protect us. Forget spending all that money on Katrina, let private corporations in the area help rebuild their customer base. Why not disband all government altogether -- and let private enterprise run the country?

now you're talkin'.

i'd love to live in that country! where do i sign up?!?!

yep, it's all part of the plan--the privatization of America--the transfer of public ownership to corporate ownership. and here's the good news--not only are we supposed to eat shit, but we're told that the shit is good for us.

Pink Slip





'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

i'm sure hugo chavez would be proud of you.

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