Strickland wants to subsidize health coverage for children

COLUMBUS - Gov. Ted Strickland yesterday stopped short of promising that all Ohioans will have health insurance under his administration, but he said making sure all children are covered is doable.

"That is a goal that I believe is very achievable," he told an Ohio State University conference of health-care professionals, insurance companies, employers, and consumer groups. "I think that would be an incredibly positive first start, to make sure all the children in our state have access to coverage," he said.

Think health care is high now. Wait until the government jumps in. There will be no limit.

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Didn't Taft just do something like this on his way out of office?

Covering children kind of makes sense. Keeping kids healthy does pay off in the long run. The question is, alas, who pays for it?

I can't shake off the knowledge that our children have become the most heavily medicated population of children in American history. So, any attempt to cover them can't help but be a subsidy (depending on details) for Big Pharma.

This is a good move. First by paying for privatized health care it puts money into the American economy and on a local basis into many of our prominate companies i.e. Promedica.

Also it addresses the problem of the largest medically uncovered area of our population. Those under 25.

It kills 2 birds with one stone. It's not too dissimilar to a program Reagan suggested in the '76 primaries. Unfortunatly it didn't get any steam then. Maybe we can make Ohio a showcase for the nation under this plan.



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