TPS Superintendent Candidate has Controversial Past

Turns out that one of the finalists for the TPS Superintendent job has a history... links:

WSPD: Controversial Past for TPS Superintendent

WSFA: Purcell Resigns from Montgomery County Schools

WSFA: Purcell responds to criticism.

Is this a moot point since the Interim Superintendent John Foley seems to be a shoe-in? Or is there cause for concern that she made it into the finalists?

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in considering this applicant.

If she was dismissed from her duties and has information that she is unwilling to release about the circumstance - I wouldn't further her application until a satisfactory explanation was offered.

TPS is under no obligation to consider someone with this type of unanswered controversy in any way. Nor is TPS obligated to try to figure out what the answers are. It is the candidates job to give and support a satisfactory explanation if she chooses to position herself for consideration.

We have enough controversy here without adding to the problem.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Apparently what happened was she did not want her evaluation released to the public. Sounds like Dr Purcell is not really a good candidate if she wants to operate in this type of format. TPS should not waste our tax money on bringing such a poor candidate to interview. Openness and the ability to be transparent to the public are key characteristics, in my opinion.

Thanks for posting this item TMrC

Why are we paying for Dr. Purcell to come to Toledo?

"Nearly three months have passed since Alabama's attorney general ruled former Montgomery school superintendent Carlinda Purcell could not keep her job evaluation secret and now, a surprising decision from her former employer.

WSFA 12 News chief investigative reporter Chris Holmes confirmed Wednesday the Montgomery School Board has ended all efforts to get Purcell's taxpayer-funded job evaluation.

Purcell is now a candidate for another high dollar education job in Toledo, Ohio and it looks like that school board won't get a look at her evaluation either. "

Why are we paying for Dr. Purcell to come to Toledo?

I wish my employers would have paid me to come to my interviews. Damn. This person shouldn't even have made it as a finalist.

I hope. You'd think Purcel would be out of the race as of right now, but this is Toledo. This is TPS.

Mad Jack
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Her application should have gone in file 13. "All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

... Purcell knows exactly what large school systems are like. Elitist secrecy is the SOP. A Super who is willing to keep her lips zipped tightly shut on any controversial topic is a prime candidate for a system like the TPS. This is doubly true since, apparently, a Super's job is to lie, cheat and steal in order to obtain funding to run the massive system bureaucracy. I'm sure Purcell would fit right into Sanders' seat.

The WSPD report says:

Unfortunately, that means she'll be hired.

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