51,000 opt out of Detroit schools

Today's Detroit News:

Nearly a third of Detroit's students -- or about 51,000 -- are attending charter schools and suburban public districts, causing enrollment and budgets at other districts to surge while Detroit Public Schools shrinks.

About 5,000 Detroit residents left for other schools this fall alone, according to recently released enrollment records, a continuation of declines that have ravaged district funding but resulted in more options for students.

More than 25 districts in Metro Detroit had enrollment swings of more than 130 students last fall alone, according to a Detroit News analysis of enrollment changes between September 2005 and September 2006. That's either a $1?million drop or $1 million bump in state aid. It could mean hiring teachers -- or laying them off.


I think this shows that families want quality education and they won't put up for anything else. Wow, 51k that is like a whole district has left. TPS has just under 30k students. What a sad state of affairs the Detroit Public Schools are in.

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on the same track that Detroit followed. It's like Larry Sykes took a seminar up there and is planning this fate for our district. He sows dissent and harsh feelings rather than asking after solutions to real problems. He laughs as he antagonizes the tax payers and reaps such hard feelings from them.

Deborah Barnett, it has been said to me that she is a 'nice woman'. Her behavior, in protecting Mr. Sykes over these last years, in his role as tyrant, has not been nice. Now we have Mr. Steel, just the latest to jump on this train headed toward the end of the line. He jumped in this year and started shoveling the coal. He wants to see the wreck, but he wants it quicker.....

Yes, indeed - this is the same behavior that was seen on the divisive Detroit school board. Anybody like where this path ends up? If not, we need two new faces on the school board this year. And not handpicked replacements for Larry Sykes and Deborah Barnett. We need people with attachments to student success, not banking institutions.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.



Sorry. The failure of a school district is not the fault of an individual or the members of the board of education. The fault my dear electorate is your failure to elect people capable of running the schools. Instead the TPS board, like so many other school boards across the country, has been for years, in my opinion, the play ground for future political candidates.


How can I find out who on the school board actually represent the schools my child attends? Or don't they split them in that manner? I'm sorry to say that I'm not real up on the workings of the board and who whos on the board.

Thanks for the reply Maggie. I guess had I misread a post on another forum that had referenced finding out who was "your representitive" on the board and voting for who ever was running against them.

Ohiokat - they don't split representation by schools...any of the five board members could be contacted if you have a need.

However, on the administration side, they do have 'feeder zones' - grade and jr. high schools that feed into a high school...

you're welcome...it can be very confusing because other jurisdictions can do it differently.

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