Owner says building by ballpark is being sold

After six years of promises to turn a vacant building at Monroe and Huron streets next to Fifth Third Field into a restaurant, Toledo businessman and newspaper editor Myron Stewart put the building up for sale - for $360,000 more than he paid Lucas County for it.

Mr. Stewart, who is a partner in local Church's Chicken franchises, said yesterday that the building at 519 Monroe St. and the vacant lot next door have already been sold.

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We have to stop thinking that people with ideas are worth more than people who labor.

Except GZ, that the laborers in the car factories wouldn't have had their chance to work had there not been an inventor with an idea or capitalist to fund it. People who labor are the result of an idea.

Yea, we definitely got shafted. Lucas County sold the building for $15,000??? I would have the bought the damn thing for that, that building has the potential to be a goldmine. And that Myron chump got $360,000 for his sell? Hopefully whoever bought it does something with the damn thing. Wow.

There is a full-page feature about this property in the Toledo City Paper, Dec 13-19 2006, page 7. Don't deny yourselves.

The difference mentioned is that the LC Commissioners (which undoubtedly means the 3 Democrats, which in 2002 included that witch Isenberg) decided to sell it to Myron Stewart for $15000, but this was after purchasing the building for $500000. As is the usual thing in wasting tax money in Toledo, there was a "purchase agreement" such that Stewart had 2 years to develop the property. That was in 2002. June 2004 came and went and the Democrat-dominated LCCers failed to uphold the taxpayers' interest in the deal, so Stewart was basically given a $485000 loan with no interest paid and no real terms for the repayment of any capital amount.

The City Paper article mentions that Stewart received a $32500 development grant (i.e. more corporate welfare) afer some finagling.

Now we have Stewart selling the building for an alleged price of $375000. All we really know is that he bought it for $15K, razed Brenda's Body Shop next door for some unknown amount, received a grant for $32K, maybe spent $43K to fill in the Body Shop foundation, settled a $14K lien on the property, and now might be getting $375K for it. The over-riding question is:

Why did the LC Commissioners and city of Toledo help Myron Stewart make over $300 thousand?

The Toledo blade should be all over this scandal. OOPS! I forgot there were Democrates running the city in 2002. The Toledo Blaa only attacks conservatives.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

I read this and thought, how could this happen? Something does not seem right here.

If anyone wants the background details on the efforts to get Myron to develop the property - starting near the end of 2003 - I'll be happy to provide them...but it's a lot of detail...

Bottom line...the purchase agreement called for him to develop the property within 2 years. However, the contract was so poorly worded that holding him to the agreement would have been extremely difficult. Efforts were begun in early 2004 to try to bring external pressure on him - including threatening to find him in violation of the contract and trying to get ownership back...all the way to doing all the necessary improvements and then billing him for them (using the failure to pay to forclose on the property)..

However, the pressure to do something ended in 2005 following the elections of Pete Gerken and Tina Skeldon-Wozniak...even though previous decisions on the issue with me, Tina and Harry Barlos had been unanimous.

Thanks Maggie for the insight. That's absolutely insane. What bull regarding the contract and not continuing the pressure (shame on Pete and Tina). I'm still wondering why in the hell the building was sold for $15,000.

Like I said, for that price I would have found the funds to buy the building and easily have set up shop that could turn a profit. What a prime location.

It's been a while, but in college the concept came across to me that property tax was usury and connoted legal ownership belonging to the taxing authority.

?? Is that right?

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

It happens all the time when YOU voters get so scared about economic collapse that YOU voters elect "economic development" politicians and YOU people continue bad-mouthing individual welfare while lauding corporate welfare.

Now, apparently, things are so out of control that anyone with the right last name and some money can effectively walk up to some governing body and steal hundreds of thousands of dollars. If YOU tried the same thing, you'd either be laughed out of the government building, or locked up as a thief.

We have to stop thinking that wealthy or connected people are worth more than the general population. We have to stop thinking that people with ideas are worth more than people who labor. We have to stop thinking that welfare for the rich is any less morally debilitating than welfare for the poor.

In short, we have to stop accepting accepting these myths, because if we don't, we're going to end up like Detroit -- and Detroit hasn't even stopped falling YET.

Methinks the city may be able to recover that money if they put their minds to it.

TPP, that's correct to a certain extent, yet that extent doesn't go very far at all. People who labor do labor to an end. It's fallacious to say that that end was fully planned by the idea men. The land is blanketed by workforces who have corrected marketers, architects and engineers time after time.

At any rate, the idea men simply don't execute their plans. A plan is worthless unless worked (in marked contrast to the labor force, who know enough on their own to effect something useful with time and materials without the input of idea men). Our society has become almost hopelessly beholden to the idea that intellectual pursuits and properties are worth a LOT more than the production of labor.

To be concrete, the idea man who conceives of a manufacturing process is not worth the same as the constructed process, including the labor force. It's absurd to think that he is. You may as well just say that a business owner should keep ever dollar of his revenue, without owing anything to the labor force.

Sure, the output of 1 engineer can direct the labors of 10 workmen. 1 manager can direct 10 of these engineers. 1 executive, 10 of these managers. HOWEVER, all this does NOT mean the executive is worth 1000 workmen. The old and sustainable standards of compensation should be adhered to once again.

And what were those standards? It used to be that idea men were the corporate executives or business owners, who were handsomely paid for their involvement. That old level of "handsome" was about one-tenth of what is being paid out now, yet these idea men are now exhibiting the most skill in crashing companies instead of leading them forward into a better century. It's overblown and it should be the primary concern of the citizenry of the USA to put a stop to such destructive elitism.

So, I stand by my statement:

Submitted by richbuckeye on Sun, 2007-01-14 07:53.
The Toledo blade should be all over this scandal. OOPS! I forgot there were Democrates running the city in 2002. The Toledo Blaa only attacks conservatives.

As a rule, that's true. They did attack McCloskey, but ONLY after he'd been safely re-elected-thereby insuring his replacement would absolutely be a dem (Although it could be argued that the Bulldog was more of a conservative than the rest of council).




'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


Pardon my constructive criticism GZ but do you think you could shorten up your comments a little bit. My gosh GZ it takes you for ever to make a point.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

You can prove the Blade refrained from performing due diligence on McCloskey when they let slip -- after McCloskey was safely indicted -- that his so-called East Toledo charity was not registered with the state or Feds. The Blade could have checked up on that a long time ago, but apparently chose not to. We can certainly detect the reason; the Blade gives Dems or other urban progressives a free ride.


I'll talk it over with my editor. The last time we spoke on the issue, he curtly ended the discussion saying something like "there's no shortage of electrons", but perhaps I can make a new point.

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