nice story on the glass pavillion

here's a good little story on the glass pavillion. it's nice to see it getting some attention.

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Thanks for the article wholesaler :). Good read. It's definitely great to see the museum gain some national attention. The Glass Pavilion is absolutely stunning inside.

It's definitely a beautiful addition to Toledo

Actually WS, this may be better for ToledoTalk. It is a gray area so I will leave it. A good judge on what is appropriate would be to look at the categories. If you see one, then yes. You can always ask if you have a question.

You'll see that's it's an AP story used by CNN. So, hopefully, that story will be picked up by other media outlets -- national and markets across the country.

On a side note, I'd prefer one place to visit for Toledo discussion. I can appreciate that JR wants to focus T2 on what he thinks it should focus on -- afterall, it is his. But, having two sites worth visiting means I have less time for both.

Any other views?

Since I've made the move to here, I've maybe checked the ToledoTalk website once or twice in the past week.

"Natural light flows through the building, changing the appearance of the structure and its artwork throughout the day"

Natural light? I didn't know we had that in Toledo this time of year.

i just happened to see it. i don't think i have ever looked at cnn's travel site, but clicked on it for some unknown reason.

regardless, it's a good read about one of toledo's finer points.

maybe i'll just use the "if it starts an argument" litmus test. if yes, it belongs here. if no, it goes to toledo talk.

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