Should SwampBubbles have a directory page listing all members? - edited

Yes, I think this would be useful
68% (26 votes)
No, I don't see the need
26% (10 votes)
I would not use it anyway
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 38
No votes yet

what data would be listed on the page?

Mad Jack
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KrazyKat, yes it would be just a directory to user profiles like ToledoTalk. I still need to investigate this, but we can still vote on it. You get the KUDOS for being the first to post a poll. Good job. I will edit the poll to reflect the true question which I think that everyone should vote on. I will only do this because this is a site related issue, which I would like to hear all of your feedback on. I want to get it right. I won't do this for other items or polls. I was actually thinking on posting a poll too, but you beat me to it. User privacy will be protected to the extent that you reveal yourself. Of course your comments have more value when you ID yourself, but it is not mandatory. I will switch between Admin and my own account depending on the issue or task. I don't want people to think that this site is here for me only; it is for you. I will use of the admin account for public items until the site takes off more. Regardless, sound off if you are interested in a user directory. You can already click on the names now, so it would be nothing more but a large list of users, like the new user list on the right.

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Chris, how about throwing in there a "Who's Online" list of all people logged in at the moment?

OK I created simple user directory is created based upon recent activity. Not the best, but good for now. You can also get an idea on who is online by who is at the top of the list.

I was thinking along the same lines as ToledoTalk. Nothing provided that would risk our anonymity. Mr. Myers....what is your thoughts on this?

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This feature is one that can easily be enabled. How about posting it on site ideas page? Maybe in a week or two I can put this up for a vote too.