Development projects hit $737 million, mayor says

From Today's Blade:

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday sought to convince critics in Toledo City Council that his wearing of the economic development director's hat has been successful in his first year on the job.

Six members of council this week wrote to the mayor insisting that he hire an economic development director.

Also yesterday, the heads of the Lucas County Improvement Corp. and Regional Growth Partnership urged council to support LCIC with a contribution of $123,000 this year.

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Investment figures for Mr. Ford's four years in office were not provided.

I wonder why not?

We don't remember days only moments...

Ooh, look, hundreds of millions in projects. Strut strut. I'm sure Carty thinks of himself at least as CEO of Corporate Toledo, Inc. However, his recent behavior in Ottawa County shows quite clearly that he probably thinks of himself as a landed noble whose very pronouncements are the embodiments of life and death for us peons.

We need to recall this boobie in 2007 when it becomes legally possible to do so. We may be peons, but we still have THE VOTE. The set of his actions alone about the Westgate development shows that Carty does NOT "get results". He broke a fundamental campaign promise and on that basis, we have every right and duty to call for his electoral replacement.

The only downside is that Opal will undoubtedly run again.

LisaRenee said :

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