Strickland acts quickly to wield his veto power

From Today's Blade:

COLUMBUS - It was certainly an interesting first day on the job.

Gov. Ted Strickland angered the Republican-controlled General Assembly and Ohio's business community by taking the unprecedented step of vetoing a bill his predecessor, Gov. Bob Taft, had intended to become law.

The Republican-controlled General Assembly immediately threatened to sue him.

"What I think this bill represents is hasty action during a lame-duck session when there is not sufficient discussion, input, or deliberation," said Mr. Strickland. "The $5,000 limit is so hugely unrealistic and absolutely, in my judgment, provides no disincentive for inappropriate or bad behavior."

But Mr. Seitz, an attorney, countered that the 10 days expired on Jan. 5 because the General Assembly officially ended its two-year session on Dec. 26. That triggered a count that would include Sundays, he said.

"Welcome to the first day of an inexperienced cabal that now runs the state of Ohio," he said. "This was a misjudgment, to put it mildly, and there are plenty of people willing to test this attempted exercise of authority. Certainly counting to 10 should not be this difficult."

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The Republican-controlled General Assembly immediately threatened to sue him.

So now the stupid party is going to file suite against the governor. Who pays the court costs and attorney's fees?

Of course, they're doing it for our own good. Right?

The is Our Government In Action. Again. No wonder Ohio is so screwed up.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Strickland signals willingness to fight Veto of lead-paint lawsuit measure from lame duck sends message to GOP.

Ted Strickland saved his pomp for the weekend and his big-picture policies for .

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