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Toledo Free Press is asking the Toledo council to implement a gift ban.

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Anyone in public office who, regardless of legislation or body rule, accepts gifts in that office is not serving the public interest - they are serving their own personal interests. I don't care if it's a home security system or a double cheeseburger at McDonalds.

And they know it. So those who do elect to accept gifts are not public servants. Can't be.

Those who wish to defend the practice are just out of the closet about it.

Remember the story about the little boy who found the snake, freezing along side the path? The snake whispered pitifully, "Pick me up or I'll die". The little boy says, "No! You are a snake. You will bite me and I will die".

The snake says, "No, if you pick me up and put me in your pocket where I will get warm and live - I would never bite you".

So the little boy puts the snake in his pocket and is singing a little song and walking along when he suddenly feels the snake bite his thigh.

He takes the snake out of his pocket as he begins to die and says, "But you promised not to bite me".

And the snake says, "Aw c'mon. You KNEW what I was when you picked me up".

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

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