Site Tech Issues

Missing RSS Feeds: One of the new features of this site is diplaying local RSS feeds. Right now there are great local news and community sources, but one will be missing. There is no Toledo Blade RSS feeds because their feed syntax is not right. VoteBula Blog is also not posted due to invalid syntax. This is more of an informational posting more than anything else.

IE 6 Oddities - IE 6 PC users; the CSS producing some odd results for IE 6 PC. CSS is not exactly correct on some items. Status - being investigated and resolved. - Fixed, let me know if you see any other layout problems.

Gravatar images above posts- This will be removed, something forgot to take out. - done

If you notice any other issues, post it under this thread.

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Today around 6:50-8:10 this site was down due to an outage at the ISP. I am watching this closely, hopefully it won't happen like this again.

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