Finkbeiner miffed at Ottawa County jail staff

In Today's Blade
"In their report, deputies said after Mr. Finkbeiner was told he could't visit his stepson, he ‚"put his hands up in the air and said,"I'm the mayor of Toledo," and continued to talk as he walked away from the entrance.

"Having been in public office for almost two decades, I recognize governmental arrogance when I see it" he wrote. “I think less of the Port Clinton minimum-security system as a result of the rudeness and governmental arrogance displayed to first my wife, then myself

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In Toledo the Mayor and his wife are likely used to a higher standard of treatment. I'm glad he wrote the letter - and if he did throw a fit out there - good for him.

It's a learning lesson for both sides. The Port Clinton facility learned that treating people with contempt is a lottery. Every once in a while you may presume to treat someone with contempt and get caught at it. Publicly.

And the Mayor learned how humiliating it is to have to visit this facility. I doubt that there are no bathroom facilities that his wife could have used - the chances that a public visitation center of this nature has no restroom facilities seem very low.

It doesn't feel very good to be treated in this manner - and I am glad that the letter was sent. And also glad the Mayor had this experience. It gives him a different perspective on what it actually feels like to be on the other end of things.

Now normally this leads to a positive set of events, once one in control has had an experience which engenders a sense of 'empathy'...we'll see how this plays out back home.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.


this guy's ego is his worst enemy. i sure hope the voters see to this being his last term.

Now covered in the Sandusky Register

""Don't say that the staff is governmental arrogance and rude," he said Monday. "He had no justification for that. He's on an intercom for less than 40 seconds and he determines that our sheriff's office is governmental arrogance? Come on, give me a break.""

"State guidelines say rest rooms for jail staff and inmates have no public access, Bratton wrote in the response, hand-delivered by a sheriff's deputy to Finkbeiner's office Monday. The inmate Finkbeiner's and his wife were visiting, Ryan Whittman, Finkbeiner's step-son, who was convicted on a drunk driving charge and is serving an 80-day sentence."

"This is a correctional facility, and I have guidelines and standards to ensure the safety of inmates and deputies," Bratton wrote in his response to mayor Carty Finkbeiner's complaints about two recent visits to the county's jail. "The staff acts in compliance with the laws (Ohio Revised Code) in the operation of the Correctional Facility."

"In your complaint, you made reference to... the ability to recognize "governmental arrogance and rudeness..." It is very difficult for me to answer this statement because I cannot help but consider your track record as a public official and the way you have dealt with people."

"You had a 30-40 second conversation, and at no time did you hear what the deputy was telling you because you where continually ranting at him... I hope and pray that you are more attentive to your own employees of the city of Toledo than you were to the employees here..."

Finkbeiner says he and his wife will comment on the incident at an appropriate time and place, adding, "The arrogance was not displayed on the part of the Finkbeiner family. There is a bit of a cover-up in my opinion going on down there."

If Carty had half the brain he thought he did he'd give up on this fight because I can't see this one turning out in his favor.

WTOL has an editorial on the OC incident.

i wonder if the wtol reporters will now be banned from press conferences.

I found on ToledoTalk an update:

It takes a news paper in New York to support Carty. What do you think?

Link to the letter:

Isn't this story so strange?

Finkbeiners had a PC regarding this incident today, defending his actions and providing cell phone records.

wholesaler1952, yes, I believe WTOL is now going to be banned, at least according to the rules Carty has proposed.

In today's Blade:

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and his wife, Amy, called reporters to a news conference at their South Toledo home yesterday to ask them to "cease and desist" from reporting anything more about their son, who is serving a 90-day sentence in the Ottawa County jail for drunken driving.

The mayor then said Ottawa County Sheriff Robert Bratton "lied" about the Finkbeiners' visit to the county jail Dec. 30 and repeated his claim of a cover-up by the sheriff's office.

Mr. Finkbeiner defended his decision to ask reporters to stop covering the issue, saying he felt a need to defend his family against attacks.

Read the entire article:

I would too if I was in their situation. But the Mayor made it public with the I am mayor of Toledo remark. Stop talking about it yourself if you don't want it to be an issue.

It seems to me that if Carty was not the person he is, this would have come out much different. Given his past, I would tend to agree with the Sheriff. If Carty did not have the same track record, then maybe I would tend to side with him more in this case, but I am not willing to make this leap of faith.

As the facts come out, it seems to me that Carty was in the right. Again, I've never been a Carty supporter, but the more I read about his recent "incindences," I tend to agree with him. In both situations (WSPD and Jail), Carty was never given the benefit of the doubt. WSPD violated the law by breaking into the mayor's office, and the jail violated their own rules by not letting him in at 3:32, 28 minutes before the end of visiting hours. As the facts come out, it turns out he is right in both situations. I've learned to give him the benefit of the doubt from now on. He was right in both situations. I've gained a new respect for carty. The facts have proven the media and all our biases wrong.

"this ad was brought to you by the friends of carty PAC".

can anyone really believe the foc'er (friends of carty)?

From the day this story broke, it appears to me that some people who express opinions have reconfirmed the motto "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up."
Their perspective is evident not only on this specific topic but seems to apply to many of the topics on which they formulate opinions even before the facts have been obtained.
In all likelihood, those type of folks will have a negative opinion of my message here. Oh, well. Another motto: "If the shoe fits, wear it."

Roland's Ramblings


Pleeze don't ever use Finkbeiner and PC in the same sentence ever again ;-)

Hooda Thunkit

Sorry to disappoint you wholesaler, but there's no way you can consider me a friend of carty.

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