Death penalty partisans try to read Strickland

Governor-elect Ted Strickland said Friday that he will not have ample time to review the case of condemned killer Kenneth Biros before the scheduled execution date, signaling the likelihood that the first execution of his administration will be postponed.

"In talking with my legal counsel and with Gov. Bob Taft's legal counsel, they have told me there is no way that we can have time to do the kind of analysis dealing with that that Bob Taft does," Strickland told The Associated Press.

The statement was met with unified wonder by those for and against the death penalty: Does this mean the new governor is reconsidering the death penalty?

Read the entire Cleveland Plain Dealer article:

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Maybe Gov. Strickland is being both prudent and cautious before making a very critical decision.

And, I'm okay with that for now.

With the recent number of overturned cases due to DNA evidence, it might be wise to apply it to all cases wherever possible.

That would be the right thing to do.

Hooda Thunkit

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