What Blog would you like to see in the RSS Feeds?

Politics in Mudville - http://politicsinmudville.blogspot.com/
16% (4 votes)
Thurber's Thoughts - http://thurbersthoughts.blogspot.com/
20% (5 votes)
History Mike - http://www.historymike.blogspot.com/
40% (10 votes)
Toledo Tales - http://toledotales.blogspot.com/
8% (2 votes)
Right Wing Toledo - http://rightwingtoledo.blogspot.com/
16% (4 votes)
Total votes: 25
No votes yet

why not give an option of multiple sites?

The RSS feeds can contain multiple feeds, the first round is to see which one(s) to add. Feel free to make a recommendation here if one you see is not currently in the RSS Feeds part or in this poll.

If you're looking for possible links, then I'd add GlassCityJungle, the Futon Report, Roland's Ramblings, Szollosi's blog, Mark Bula's blog...

If you look over to the left, there is a menu item called "RSS Feeds" You can keep up-to-date on select local feeds there. These other ones you suggested will be added to future polls.

HistoryMike and ThurbersThoughts won the poll on the next to be included in the RSS Feeds. A new poll will be posted soon. The ones that did not make it and some new ones will be up for a vote.