Sell Metcalf field?

21% (8 votes)
29% (11 votes)
42% (16 votes)
Don't know
8% (3 votes)
Total votes: 38
No votes yet

When a city begins selling its valuable assets to balance their budget it is time to have an audit from an outside firm. The city needs to be prudent and not spend more than it takes in.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

That's a very well stated and reasonable position. I would like an audit from an outside, reputable firm with no connections to the city administration.

I hadn't thought about it - but basically the dialogue has moved to cannibalizing the city rather than budget cuts. Prooooooooobably shouldn't be moving in that direction...

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Metcalf is a diamond in the rough and definitely worth keeping.

With Bass Pro (and soon, others) as its new neighbor Metcalf's importance will soon become known to all.

I do however question leasing it foe $1/yr. as we are doing now.

Perhaps it will become the subject of discussions re: Better utilizing and managing Metcalf for the mutual benefit of Toledo and its potential new clientele...

Hooda Thunkit