Board travel account- does it matter?

The TPS Board recently voted to increase spending allowance for the service fund.

In the Toledo Blade today we find:

Ms. Fisher again cast the lone dissenting vote. She said $15,000 for a school year should be sufficient and each board member should be limited to $3,000.

Instead, she said, more than $7,000 has been spent on Mr. Sykes' travel since he was elected while she has spent none.

As of Dec. 19, Mr. Torres has spent $380 on travel; Ms. Barnett spent $808, and Mr. Steel spent $1,195.

Does it matter that Larry has spent $7k this year alone?

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Our community is looking at a budget deficit for the public schools, once again.

The past board president has said two things about the most pressing matter our district is facing. Finances.

One that we need to get the current budget information and look for cuts. If the deficit cannot be settled, that we need to discuss a levy.

Then there are other people causing a ruckus and interrupting each other that they can't even agree on the above point. Ridiculous.

Secondly that the district cannot keep covering deficits by cutting teachers. Hear, hear. You cannot provide a quality education without quality educators. And even this Mr. Sykes has not been willing to allow discussion on. But Mrs. Fisher is correct, the teachers are owed a promised raise - which grows incrementally while discussion of using the health care account surplus to PAY them has been shot down. And reported in the paper as though Mrs. Fishers' position was the opposite of her stated position.

These two issues needed to be and the community EXPECTED to be the first items to be addressed. Instead, the board voted for more travel funds for itself. This is a shameful message to the community.

What is the message here? We expect to be gone more of the time. No, we haven't addressed the two areas of financial issue - but we'll be 'well educated' as board members. C'mon.

You people keep your behinds at home, behave yourselves and get to the issues that need to be addressed. This thoroughly disgusted me. I heard all this talk of healing and moving forward. They even signed a statement of co-operation.

And this was up right afterward. How stupid do they think we are?!!!

The public knows what is happening.....they need to quit assuming that we are a bunch of idiots.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

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