13abc catches Carty parking in handicap spot, left dog in car

13abc is reporting that Carty was ticketed for parking in handicap spot and he also left dog in car. Carty said he parked there because his dog was in the car and the spot had shade and the spaces were empty. He said he was getting treatment for a partially torn Achilles tendon. He said he would pay the ticket. He did not have a handicap sticker.

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Just saw it on 13 news. I couldn't believe Czarty actually tried to justify illegally parking in a handicap spot. I guess he believes the end justifies the means. He doesn't have to obey the law. Just look at what he has done with the discriminatory acts he has committed against employees and former employees of the City of Toledo. He probably feels he can justify those actions as well. Being elected mayor doesn't give him the right to snub the rest of us and disregard laws. Czarty needs to pay the fine and stop making excuses. Lets get those recall signatures and get him out of office.

This is absolutely intolerable behavior. It's bad enough when people use fake handicap stickers, but to be such a public figure and to set such a bad example is absolutely intolerable. Carty should not be making excuses.

Never heard of them. My mom has a handicap sticker, and since she doesn't drive it

Old South End Broadway

He is the King of arrogance in this City. The crown needs to come off and be replaced with a "Dunce" hat. "Fired" has a nice ring to it. Carty has an excuse for everything. I think it's time we stop accepting excuses from our government. elected or otherwise.

I know this, but then common-sense sometimes prevails. In the shank of the evening, and only one handicapped spot is being used out of 10 or 12 at Wal-Mart's it is a temptation. But I admit you are right, and I should never do it. But I don't hold Carty in the righteous contempt that you do.

Old South End Broadway

Isn't the bigger story that Carty left his dog in his car in this heat?

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As a dog owner, I'm appauled. In the recent heat..my dogs have only gone outside to do their business. Within 5 mins, they want back in the ac..so I can only imagine what poor Scout must have gone through in a hot car.

Both issues are just a reflection of the man.

If it's not illegal to leave a dog in a car as hot as it was the last couple days, then it should be.

Maybe his handicap is of the rectal/cranial insertion variety.

Sign the damn petitions.

Scout had been coming into that building for the past couple weeks when Carty when to go get massages and whatnot. The building manager got tired of this and told her people to call security if Scout ever came in the building again. Scout got put in the car because Carty couldn't break the rules and bring Scout in the building.

I'm glad the building manager stood up to Carty. poor Scout!!

If this was supposed to be a "make or break weekend" for the Recall Carty drive, then I think the Mayor just made it.

I hope the Humane Society gets involved. If it were you or I who did it, they would take our dog in a heartbeat.

Apparently it's "Support Perrysburg Business" week for Toledo citizens. Friday I stopped by the Bob Evans at Levis Commons and saw with my own eyes the Mayor, Bob Reinbolt, Peter Ujvagi and a couple of men I didn't recognize having lunch in the back corner which used to be reserved for smoking. It's amazing that our mayor who accused Perrysburg of poaching our business would then turn around and spend his salary which you pay with your tax dollars at a chain restaurant in that very city. Isn't there a Bob Evans anywhere in Toledo? Like across from Christ the King. Or how about visiting The Docks restaurants? Or how about just using your office. I think the everyone should ask Brian Schwartz the city's PIO why the mayor finds it necessary to spend his money in Perrysburg instead of Toledo. I won't ask because as we all know he won't answer my questions. The answer I'm sure will be priceless.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Fred, I think this question had been asked one time before and the answer was "he doesn't choose the location." Maybe the handicap spots are nicer in Perrysburg.

kind of like when Jack Ford took his business to Sylvania after the smoking ban in toledo so he could smoke his cigars. It' was a friendlier place to do business.

how/why the daily loco

Hooda Thunkit

Speaking of sock puppets, where's the Schvarts' comments on this? Oh yeah, he only trolls during business hours so we can pay him to do it.

Schwartzy made comments this morning in the Blade. He said the Mayor will pay the fine. I got the impression that Czarty doesn't feel any remorse or he did anything wrong. I encourage every citizen who can carry a camera or camcorder with them at all times to record every move he makes in public. We need to watch Czarty to make sure we can document his consistently embarrassing and unprofessional behavior. We need to get those recall petitions signed and put Czarty out of office. Toledo doesn't deserve the type of treatment and behavior Czarty is dishing out. Czarty appears to have a special interest with the afflicted. He wanted to move deaf people to the airport, now he's using handicapped parking spaces for his personal matters. What kind of values does this man have? Who knows, maybe he'll do things like suspend city employees for being chronically ill, threaten people with termination if they talk to people not on his approved list, label innovative people as being lazy, fire his directors because they refuse to break state and federal laws.

About seventy years ago someone came to power in a country in Western Europe with the same type of values. Brian needs to sign the petition and help Toleoens get a new mayor. Maybe Brian doesn't care, he lives in another municipality.

since brian isn't going to do it, the thankless job of defending carty falls squarely on his shoulders. let's see what shane can do.

the big issue, for me, is not the parking spot. the big issue is the treatment of the dog. 45 minutes in the car is unacceptable. there is simply no excuse. add this to a very long list of illustrations why carty is a failure as a mayor and as a person.

his response to the questions by 13abc were predictably arrogant and smug. this guy is a prick.

please, toledoans, send him packing.

where's peta when you need them?!?!

I guess Brian Schwartz couldn't take the heat. Let all of us understand that Brian has a tough job. He has to defend the National Joke. Good luck, Brian, Czarty is going to fillet your butt too, just like he does with everyone else he has come into contact with. I hope you can get your job back at the Port Authority.

by comming to my home this week. The details are on both




Brian said he wouldn't comment here anymore, but that's not to say he isn't reading..lol

Ok..sometimes you come of a bit crass, but hey, I almost understand. I think it's fine you post at whatever time you want. I believe it's the wave of the future. For there to be a more open and transparent government, there must be easy access..and the web media is an excellent choice. It opens a whole new "response" time and so on.

It can be a lil rough around here. I did notice you sometimes like it that way;-) Just do what we all do when people are being over the top..ignore it. If there's any real issue, it's that sometimes the bitterness is a bit much. I can respect you are the guy you are and that's ok, just remember people don't always accept us for what we are. Welcome to discrimination.

You have to expect people to be a lil harder on you than most, after all, your rep'ing 2..you and the Mayor. So an "attack" mode may be more directed at your employer more than you. Sometimes..it's you.

I would like it if you stuck around. While we have to pick thru the nat crap...at least you try. Sometimes I even laugh..which is is always a tension breaker. I enjoy your's and Kirk's banter, it would make for a great cartoon.

BTW...so..are ya comming over this week?

For some reason Carty takes this dog everywhere. Most of us leave our animals at home. Perhaps there is no one at home to take care of the dog. I wouldn

Old South End Broadway

I believe that Brian doesn't want to post on swamp bubbles anymore because he may have said too much. Since he is the PIO for the City of Toledo he has to be careful what he posts. And by the way, I'm not posting under an alias either.

Carty left the dog in his car for over an hour today during a press conference at UT. Windows down, no water.

and put "Scout" down? Wouldn't we rather see the dog "put down" than suffering in a car. He has arthritis, for heaven's sake. Time to bid the old fellow (the dog) adieu, and get on with the job of pampering the citizens.

Old South End Broadway

Unfortunately it's true Wholesaler- reporters saw it as did attendees who were in the parking lot and heard the dog barking.

Why would you even suggest putting the dog down?! Lots of dogs have arthritis. That's a little drastic.

Anyone know anything about this dog? Is "Scout" a one-person dog? Does he shit on the carpet, and piss everywhere? Carty's a bad person for keeping this dog. Anyone want the dog?

Old South End Broadway

Had a live segment with some taped parts about leaving a dog in a car in hot weather and the experts interviewed all concurred that leaving a dog in a car can be lethal. The experts were a vet from a Toledo area clinic and a taped comment by a Humane Society member.

Also noted in the segment was the comments from blogs, telephone calls and radio talk shows.


encourage every citizen who can carry a camera or camcorder with them at all times to record every move he makes in public.

While I cannot support Carty in these lapses of sound judgement, I also question how 13abc learned where Carty was, camera in hand and showed up at the exact time the violation occured. IMO this almost borders on stalking a public official in hopes of catching him making a snafu (intentional or by accident) to broadcast across the public airwaves for ratings.

Do we really need to ostracize this community any further because those adamant on seeing this Mayor fail are able to record every little human miscue on tape and broadcast it.

Please, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". I don't think anyone poster to this site can claimed they have not made mistakes, errors in judgement or broken some minor law in their lifetime. (Unless George W. Bush post here). To criticize our Mayor for the same is hypocritical.

This posting is not in defense of the Mayor. The smart thing for him to do would have been to acknowledge his error, apologize in a public statement, pay the fine, learn from his mistake and "life goes on". But, I don't think following him around in stalking mode to catch him in a moment of indiscretion is the answer to a succesful "Recall Carty" campaign.

Just my 2 cents

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Old South End Broadway

And like most I have learned by error and mistakes and have made amends.

Now, comes a public official who has held office for who knows how many years and does something that is unhealthy and can lead to the death of an animal and continues to do it.

The person is in a self chosen position of authority and leadership and these incidents show neither.

As a commoner I expect better from our authority and leadership figures.

And as a person that shares life a number of dogs I am hypocritical when I state that I never leave in weather that is dangerous or can lead to injury, can the same be said of the Mayor?


I am not aware of any action on the part of the recall in this matter. The Mayor and his pooch are not exactly top priority for the welfare of Toledo on the whole. I own 3 dogs, and I don't take them with me often, and have never left them in the car..I like my car too much. The mayor is guilty of bad judgement with the dog, but it's his mis-management of the City that drives the recall.

If one needs to harp on the Mayor's personal life, I sure wouldn't start with the poor dog. There are bigger fish to fry. IMO...the issue is judgement..he has bad judgement. The issue with the dog/parking spot are just another example of it. IMO...not a real barn burner for the recall, but we'll take the signatures ...who can explain what finally drives another over the edge?

I would suggest a camel. It might be kind of hard to get in his car, but then there should be no complaints about the animal's inability to take the heat or its need for water. I would hate to be the guy stuck as the

Old South End Broadway

The Mayor was in a public place and the interview took place in the parking lot and he could have chosen to make a statement later.

"The point I was trying to make was to the invasion of Carty's privacy. Would you appreciate Carty's hounds tracking your every move (or Mr.Morrisey's or Mr. Kirk's) for that moment when a lapse of good judgement is caught on tape to discredit your efforts"

If an office holder used government resources to discredit a citizen would be a bit different that seeing an elected official knowingly violating a law.

If the television station or newspaper or other media snooped and used questionable methods to obtain the information than there might be an invasion of privacy claim but the video here showed the incident in a public place.

A privacy claim under HIPAA would be valid if the health care entity disclosed the information, reading the wikipedia entry.


By fake I mean fraudulent. You should not use a handicap sticker that is not assigned to you.

I just think it shows poor leadership OldSouthEndBrdy. The mayor should lead by example.

City employees abandoned Pat Bannister with her foot stuck in the mud at the Marina District that could have gotten her seriously injured or killed and now Czarty does something so irresponsible he could have injured or killed Scout the dog. Do the people who work for the City of Toledo have any scruples at all. Lets report Czarty to the humane society. We have the incident on tape and Czarty's own confession.

Lets get those signatures on the recall Carty petetion and get him out of office.

Czarty dogging people is one thing, but now he's dogging the dog.

If Czarty knew that he was going to get therapy that day, why didn't he leave the dog at home? I question why he has the dog in his office. His office is a place of business, not an animal shelter.

I agree, had anyone else done this the Human Society would be all over them. Maybe they should be flooded with calls of outrage.

Fred, they were making a YouTube video for Hillary Clinton.

"According to Mr. Schwartz, the mayor said he parked in the handicapped space because it was the only spot in the shade and he was leaving his dog in the car with the rear windows open. The mayor said his injured Achilles tendon was another reason for parking in the handicapped spot."



My days of posting here are over . . . on or off duty.

My posting will now be exclusively on Glass City Jungle.

The Dog Days of Summer

Common sense tells most people that leaving their pet inside a parked vehicle on a hot, summer day could be dangerous after an extended period of time. But most people don't realize that the temperature can skyrocket after just a few minutes. Parking in the shade or leaving the windows cracked does little to alleviate this pressure cooker.

On a warm, sunny day windows collect light, trapping heat inside the vehicle, and pushing the temperature inside to dangerous levels. On an 85-degree Fahrenheit day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within ten minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 120 degrees. At 110 degrees, pets are in danger of heatstroke. On hot and humid days, the temperature in a car parked in direct sunlight can rise more than 30 degrees per minute, and quickly become lethal.

A recent study by the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that temperatures inside cars can rise dramatically even on mild days. With outside temperatures as low as 72 degrees, researchers found that a car's interior temperature can heat up by an average of 40 degrees within an hour, with 80% of that increase in the first 30 minutes. A cracked window provides little relief from this oven effect. The Stanford researchers found that a cracked window had an insignificant effect on both the rate of heating and the final temperature after an hour.

Pets, more so than humans, are susceptible to overheating. While people can roll down windows, turn on the air conditioner or exit the vehicle when they become too hot, pets cannot. And pets are much less efficient at cooling themselves than people are.

Dogs, for example, are designed to conserve heat. Their sweat glands, which exist on their nose and the pads of their feet, are inadequate for cooling during hot days. Panting and drinking water helps cool them, but if they only have overheated air to breathe, dogs can suffer brain and organ damage after just 15 minutes. Short-nosed breeds, like pugs and bulldogs, young pets, seniors or pets with weight, respiratory, cardiovascular or other health problems are especially susceptible to heat-related stress.



I'll be reading.

I'm not posting here, not because I can't take the heat (I love the heat!). I'm tired of people complaining that I'm not "nice" enough or that I post during "business hours." For whatever reason, that does not happen on Glass City Jungle.

I do promise you that I will never post here under an alias. That would be unethical. I invite Chris to run an IP scan any time that someone suspects that I am.

I may drop in for a joke or two, or to comment on something not related to politics on my own time. But, I'm tired of people raising the issue of whether or not I should or should not post here doing business hours. The easiest way to resolve that is to not post at all.

The mayor says he did it to keep his dog from suffering in the heat. He was at the building for a 45 minute massage therapy appointment treating an injury to his achilles tendon.

Here was his explanation. "There were no other people parked here. There were five other spaces. I have a semi-torn achilles tendon, my dog is overheated. That's why we parked in the shade."

But, now the humane society has a problem with Mayor Carty Finkbeiner leaving his dog in his car.

The Humane Society says even after 20 minutes in the shade with the windows down temperatures in the car can soar.

The Humane Society say it only takes 107 to 110



there's no reason to put the dog down; that's ridiculous. the dog simply deserves a better owner.

you don't put the dog down because the owner is an idiot.

i saw a post on another site that said something about this. is this true or just a joke?

Maybe Carty should look into doggy day care.

Seriously. I'd consider it a few days a week if I could afford it...I'm sure Carty doesn't have that problem.

I have friends in Atlanta who use a similar service on days when they know in advance that they'll be working extended hours...drop the dog off in the morning, he plays with other dogs and people all day, then they pick him up on the way home.

I disagree. Most of us don't want a Republican in office. We just don't want Czarty in Office. Toledo is the laughing stock of America. If Czarty really loves Toledo like he says, hed' resign immediately. Listen to the laughter wherever you go outside the City of Toledo Corporation limits.

...someone tipped off 13ABC...I wouldn't be surprised if the person who wrote the ticket called it in...

Your accusations are unfounded and ridiculous. Nobody from the recall has even commented on the dog issue---check out www.recallcarty.com - nothing bout this dog is on there. To say they want Carty in jail is ignorant. Tom and his group might want Carty out, but they still believe in the rule of law.

And there still are Republicans in office in Toledo? No Way!!!

I am not aware of any action on the part of the recall in this matter.

But Mr. Kirk, one of your strongest supporters of the recall campaign did with this statement posted to this thread.

We need to watch Czarty to make sure we can document his consistently embarrassing and unprofessional behavior. We need to get those recall petitions signed and put Czarty out of office.

The point I was trying to make was to the invasion of Carty's privacy. Would you appreciate Carty's hounds tracking your every move (or Mr.Morrisey's or Mr. Kirk's) for that moment when a lapse of good judgement is caught on tape to discredit your efforts.

But it's not just about Carty. I object to the encroachment on the privacy of all elected officals.

The right to privacy plays a unique role in American law and society. Privacy, although not explicitly protected by the Constitution, is considered a core value by most Americans. It has also taken on multifarious meanings so that it no longer conveys one coherent concept. Privacy rights, guaranteeing an individual's right to a private life, find their authority in the Constitution, state constitutions, federal and state statutes, and tort law judicial decisions.

When the framers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights they specifically addressed that day's most pressing privacy fears: (1) that government would search one's home whenever it desired and (2) the quartering of troops in the home. The framers, however, were unable to address future changes and the myriad of privacy concerns that have evolved and permeated their way into our society. Therefore one must ask whether the law protecting the right to privacy has evolved to ensure the vitality of the Fourth Amendment. Are elected offficials expected to loose their rights to privacy once they are sworn to office?

Did 13abc violate HIPAA regulations when they reported that Carty was visiting a Health Care facility when the violation occured. Could they not have just claimed he was observed parking in a Handicap Zone without notating its location?

And for what it's worth; I too love animals and find it dishearting that Carty decided to leave his dog in a sweltering automobile. But, it does not excuse the medias violation of his privacy in discovering that evidence.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Toledo's mayor gets a ticket for parking in a handicap spot. It happened after 7:00 last night at the Westgate Building.

The mayor says he did it to keep his dog from suffering in the heat. He was at the building for a 45 minute massage therapy appointment treating an injury to his achilles tendon.



Maybe Carty didn't want to leave Scout home with a lush.

351.21. Special locations for the handicapped.

(a) No person shall stop, stand or park any motor vehicle at special parking locations provided for the handicapped under this section or at special, clearly marked, parking locations provided the handicapped in or on privately owned parking lots, parking garages or other parking areas, unless the motor vehicle is being operated by or for the transport of a handicapped person and is either displaying a parking card issued under Ohio R.C. 4503.44 or displaying a special license plate(s) authorized by that section.

(b) When a motor vehicle bearing a special handicapped license plate(s) or the parking card provided in Ohio R.C. 4503.44 is being operated by or for the transport of a handicapped person, the motor vehicle shall be permitted to park for a period of two hours in excess of the legal parking period permitted by ordinances or regulations, except where such ordinances or regulations provide otherwise or where the vehicle is parked in such a manner as to be clearly a traffic hazard. (ORC 4511.69).

(c) As used in this section, "handicapped" means having lost the use of one or both legs, or one or both arms, who is blind, deaf or severely disabled as to be unable to move about without the aid of crutches or a wheelchair, or whose mobility is restricted by a permanent cardiovascular, pulmonary or other handicapping condition.

(ORC 4503.44; Ord. 727-86. Passed 9-30-86.)



This whole issue could have been avoided if the Mayor didn't think he was above the law and could take a dog into any building he pleased. The arrogance from the 22nd resonates loudly.

is the audience more forgiving?

Sign the recall petition, Brian and we will get off your case. If you are angry and don't want to post, then Das Vadanya.

User privacy is important and I won't run IP scans if requested by a user so we will take you at your word. As a matter of fact, I have not done it excluding when there have been a couple of spam posts so those turkeys can be banned.

BTW I don't have a problem with you surveying the virtual Toledo community during work hours. It is a part of the 21st Century government.

You can read a good discussion on some threads here or at:


Mr. Schwartz stated:

"By the way, Scout meets the legal definition of an assistance dog. He does not function as one. Scout is good for morale on the 22nd floor.", on another blog.

But, "Scout was training to be an actual assistance dog, a canine with special skills to help the blind, visually impaired or physically challenged. The dog developed arthritis and had to be removed from the program."


It's good to be the King.


...of his dog, right? Actually, I've seen nothing since the big "make or break" weekend at the ribs barby (and I didn't see anyone there, either). I wasn't even thinking about the recall faction, just all the people on this forum who are salivating over this misstep by Carty.

Old South End Broadway

...Did 13abc violate HIPAA regulations when they reported that Carty was visiting a Health Care facility when the violation occured.

Actually, as Carty volunteered the information to the reporter, I doubt there was any HIPAA violation.

He opens the door(s) daily for critics to lay waste to his practices. The mayor is victim of his media whore ways. In America.."Build em up, to tear em down" has long been the motto for anyone in the public eye. The media, be it legit or drive by...are a dbl edge sword. If you dance with the Devil, you may trip into Hell.

The Mayor is only happy when he controls what the media sees. He, and anyone like him is a fool to think they have any real friends. He brought the negitive, hounding attention on himself by acting out like a child, mis-treating people and animals alike, failed policies and botched, often ill-advised plans that have cost the taxpayers dearly. Then you have his consistant diarrea of the mouth.

I hardly consider a massage a health care situation that would qualify under hippa. This "treatment" he recieves isn't a new thing for him. I get massages from time to time..has nothing to do with anything other than me relaxing. I had a back injury many years ago and had therapy for that..but still not a "Rise to the occasion" event for hippa.

When you are a public figure, and contraversial, you can plan on being hounded. Carty has more angry people than just the Recall. It's the nature of politics. fame or infamous people. One would think he should be on to it by now and aviod being a target on such superfical things. But then, this leads me back to the lack of common sense exibited by carty and his adminstration.

HIPAA would not come into play here.

First of all, Carty himself is the one who offered the detailed explanation of why he was at the Westgate Building. Its not specifically a health care facility - I work in an office there, and its just a regular old office building that has tenant companies from a variety of industries. Had Carty himself not offered up the reason why he was parking at that building, no one would have ever known.

And finally, massage therapy probably doesn't fall under HIPAA regulations.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww SLAM!!!

I work in that building, and it surprises me that someone would think that they could bring a dog in there. I certainly wouldn't bring my dog to work. (Though if I worked in such a location that permitted it, perhaps I'd consider it.)

Has posters that Schwartz has labeled as non-supporters of the administration.


Who cares if he COULD be an assistance dog if that's not the purpose he serves for Carty?

Can I go buy a dog who has been trained to assist disabled peoople for myself and take him in restaurants, etc. claiming that he has a right to be there b/c he's an assistance dog? NO! Because I personally don't have a need for an assistance dog. It doesn't matter what training the dog has if he doesn't serve in that role for you.

Resign to take care of his dog? Just give the dog to someone else.

I have a friend whose handicapped because he has severe lower back injuries and calcium deposits in his knees. He sometimes complains that he can't find a parking space in a handicapped slot because people like Czarty have already taken the spots. Although he has a handicapped sticker and displays it as he should, he gets hassled sometimes because he owns a Hummer. He mentioned Westgate specifically. He says there have been times when he would park in one of the spots close to where the old Lion Store used to be and the City of Toledo policeman on site would immediately start to interrogate him even though his sticker is legitimate and it is displayed as required by law. He said that he decided to let the interrogating officer speak to the air molecules rather than put up with the same ranting by the same officer every time he parked at Westgate.

And then there is Czarty. He isn't handicapped and he doesn't have a handicapped sticker. He's on channel 13 explaining why his violation of the law is justified. By the way, Czarty doesn't wear his seat belt either. Let him explain why he doesn't do that.

Some of the very same people who post here, are also a part of Glass City Jungle, yourself included NC.

Is the tone different at Glass City Jungle? Yes, but it's more likely related to the fact it is a totally different web presence than a community forum. If you are suggesting Glass City Jungle is more supportive of the administration, I don't think I would agree with that. While I do play devil's advocate when necessary, I nor anyone who comments at GCJ seems to have a problem agreeing or disagreeing with the administration.

We don't remember days only moments...

http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/955.011 and Mr, Schwartz responded:

Old South End Broadway

"If you are suggesting Glass City Jungle is more supportive of the administration, I don't think I would agree with that."

I was not.

Mr. Schwartz labels citizens that offer an opinion, non-supporters of the administration.


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